Digital Camera Question


Not sure if this is in the right place, still finding my way around.

Has anyone here ever taken an slr to Disney? I am a photographer so I am used to having my camera for long periods of time. I am also going to be with a party where someone can hold it for me while I am on a ride so that shouldn’t even be an issue. I am not sure if I really want to take the slr or not. I don’t have a regular digital camera (just thought I’d mention that).

I have a nikon d40x so I know I will get amazing photos with it (quality wise) and I love using my camera. I just thought I’d ask if anyone has experience with an slr in disney and if they have any tips.

Thanks in Advance :happy:


This is the perfect place for your question. Thank you so much for making the effort to put it in the right forum. Welcome to mousebuzz…I haven’t had the chance to welcome you here yet.

As for your camera question: I only carry a tiny digital and before that disposables…not a photographer at all here…lol

If you have someone who is willing to hold it for you or are not afraid to carry it or have it in the parks, then you should bring it. Perhaps bring a smaller back up one just in case that one becomes to much in the park.


I have a canon DSLR. I always bring it to the parks with me. I also have a couple of different lenses I bring.

This past trip is was without my DH (bag carrier :cool: ) so I did buy a smaller point and shoot. I brought both. I found myself bringing my canon to take the pictures. I just :wub: that camera!


Thanks for the welcome. I am having fun on here already. People are helpful and friendly.

I considered buying a small digital with a decent quality. But money is a little tight, so all I can keep thinking is that the extra $250 (ish) could be used for Disney goodies to bring home. Know what I mean? Two people in my party will have small digital cameras so I could snap a few pics but that’s gonna get old real fast. :laugh:


I have a couple lenses but will probably bring just the 18-55 one. I guess I could bring the 55-200 also. I think that for some things the zoom will be better like in animal kingdom. I am not gonna be constantly switching lenses but it may pay off to have both along now that I really think about it. I love my nikon so much, I will have fun taking photos with it and I really think having my slr may improve my experience. Hmmm this is a hard choice. :laugh:


Yes, exactly what I bring my another lens for AK. It’s great. LOL…just carrying it around isn’t :glare: The pictures are well worth it though!


I bring two cameras two, my point and shoot digital, and I haul around my old Minolta Maxxum because I can use my 300 mm lense. It is a pain hauling around that big camera, but like Lauren said some shots are well worth it. One day I will break down and buy the a digital SLR, but until then I will use both.


I carried my Canon Digital SLR in the parks with me in March, and I would make no other choice. I did bring my tele. along in my tote, and I found myself switching lenses often. I was even able to get photos on a couple of the roller coaster rides before they got too rough. :slight_smile: The quality of photo you can get with your camera is well worth the swing from the shoulder!


I have brought my Cannon SLR many times and had no problems. I don’t bring many lenses because I don’t feel like carrying them


Hello vanessa_lynn, welcome to MB. Just wanted to pass a little hint along to you. WE :heart: pictures here at Mousebuzz so I hope you’ll share your’s when you get back. :wink:


Tim carries 2 cameras’ with him. He take an old Minolta and he has 4 or 5 lenses for it (never got he hang of using his camera) and a digital camera that has a built in zoom lens. He loves them both. He carries the camera bag most of the day, which is good for me (that bag gets heavy).


This is kind of funny. I have a now 7 year old Olympus 3.3 megapixel that was the top without getting into pro cameras. Now the “cheap” cameras are at least double the resolution. I see plenty of high end digital SLRs around most parks today. I used to see high end 35mm SLRs with outrageous lenses in the 90s. I also see all levels of camcorders, all the way up to semi-pro HD camcorders. If you don’t want to carry it all the time, do as I do and rent a locker, especially if you’ve got a tripod and camera bag with you.
As for lenses, I’d concentrate on a 35-350 mm zoom, or something in that range, and try to keep the 1000mm stuff for camera day, the day you’re just taking pictures.


Thanks. Also I love to share my pictures so be prepared. :laugh:

Also I am taking my slr. After hearing that some of you have done it and don’t regret it, I can’t imagine I would. Thanks for the input and more suggestions and tips are welcome.:happy: