Digital Camers & Airports?


Just wondering…

Do we need to take any precautions with our digita camera and memory cards before going through those Airport x-rays ?


We wanted our memory cards and camera to go through separately but the security people pretty much laughed at us and said, “Nothing will happen.” They seemed really put out that we even asked. So we sent it through xray. Nothing happened. I still worry about it, though.


Our digital camera and memory cards have gone through many times and no problems to report.


Same here…nothing has ever happened to any of my cameras or memory cards. No worries! :wink:


Not a problem with digital. Throwback to older XRay machines that would fog SOME films - mainly professional (more sensative) films.

Using film best to have xray proof film bags - they will hand search most likely.


If you have immortalized your memories on celluloid…Do NOT pack the film in your suitcase in Florida…the x-rays will hurt them.


I’ve gone through aorport x-ray with my digital camera cards full, and there was no loss or problems! Even going through that giant x-ray at Orlando International with regular film! My camera with all my pictures on regular film was packed in a suitcase full of clothes, and for some reason the x-rays did not damage the film like the technicians told me it would! Weird huh?!


Thanks guys.
This will be our first time going “digital” only.

When we brought our 35mm & film we had always used that special x-ray protection bag.


You’re safe. I can’t count how many times I’ve had my digital camera scanned. Nothing has ever happened. And you will have so much fun with the digital. I love it!


as far as I know and have experianced…no issues there! We have never had a problem with the digital having issues.



Buzz, om what typed of camera did you decide?


I’ve taken my digital camera and memory cards through the airport scanners countless times and never had any problems, nor have I heard of anyone having any. I’m sure you’ll be just fine!


I had two digital cameras and a camcorder, no problems at all.


Being a veteran traveler… I travel every two to three months (that means I am gone ¼ of the year…YUCK!) Anyway, I take my digital camera and camcorder with me all the time. Right in my laptop case. If you are using FILM whether it be camera or camcorder, TSA recommends that you remove the FILM and hand it to them. I always tell my family and friends, don’t have film in your camera, they may open the camera to examine it and “POOF” there goes your photos…
Hope I have helped.


Digital cameras, portable DVD players, laptops, camcorders…all can go through the Xray machines safely.

But whatever you do, don’t try to bring a Sierra Mist through.


I must agree with you on that note… They always seem to take my Sierra Mist and Starbucks away… :mickey:


The only thing that I can remember is in one airport I went to, they said not to put film 400 sp or higher through the x-ray machine.


This is true… actually no film or camcorder film should go through the e-ray machine, it can damage the images.

It was a joke about the Sierra Mist and Starbucks… :mickey:


Are you meaning the DV tapes??? If so, then do I just hand them to the TSA agent or what???


DV tapes are shouldn’t be affected if digital cameras aren’t, huh? Same technology.