Digital Disney RealAudio


Hi There,

I am trying to find the realaudio files from several “old school” Disney web sites that no longer exist (Digital-Disney, Forgotten Sounds of Disney and Disney World Channel). You can access 2 out of the 3 web sites by using the Internet Wayback Machine. You can find the Internet Wayback Machine by googling “Internet Wayback Machine” and typing in the urls.

Urls in question:
Digital-Disney (???)
Forgotten Sounds of Disney - I have already provided the internet wayback url for this one:

The other web site entitled The DisneyWorld Channel with the url: Crosswinds.Net - Decommissioned That url is now inactive. You can’t see that one on the internet wayback machine either.

Any help would be much appreciated. I’m building an archive of disney world audio files. I think that web site: DisneyWorld Channel had ResortTV files from either 1995-1999 era in realaudio/realmedia format. Also if anyone has realaudio/realvideo files from any other old Disney web sites from that era I would be interested. Maybe something could be arranged (trade). Thanks and I would appreciate any help.