Digital Scrapbookers Layout?


Hi Friends,
I know there was a post before and (like usual) I am not able to fine it…:crying: :pinch:
Can those of you who have digital layouts or backgrounds or pages to follow please post link here again??? I just found picaboo… do any of you use that site to make and then print your books? We need to make a book for our cousin who went with us last year for his 40th bday. I have all of the pics of him with the characters and many many cast members… with all of our kids and the works! He is handicapped himself and had just gotten done being a stem cell transplant donor for his brother and We REALLY need to give him this book! I just don’t have time to do a regular scrap book but I can throw a digital one together and get it printed…

Any suggestions? Especially if anyone has used Picaboo? and do you have any links with layouts for me to use?
thanks friends!


Creative Memories is coming out with several digital Disney kits on June 1. The following kits will be available for digital download and will be compatible with the Storybook Plus software:

Vacation Power Palette Kit
Cars Power Palette Additions
Hannah Montana PPA
Pooh PPA
Mickey PPA
Princess PPA

There will also be a CD available with predesigned pages for a quickly completed project.

All of those kits will be available for traditional scrapbooking too, and you can go to to see details beginning June 1.


It is no where near as cool as real scrapbooking, but in a pinch you could use Kodak. You upload your photos, they bound them in a nice book.

Photo Books at KODAK Gallery - Photo Books make great gifts


I have had a couple made from this site. I agree, they are not as nice as scrapbooking, but they are a very nice book, great quality. If you have front and back of pages printed you can have like 20 pages for one price. I made one of DH reunion that we had in the auction there. Everyone loved it. The collage frame, I think I either got the 8 x 10 or 11 x 14 was not a bad price either. they make a really neat picture.


the kodak picture books can also be made at walmart a 8x10 book with 10 pages is around $24 and you can get additional pages for $2 AND THEY ALSO SELL A 4X6 book with 10 pages for $7 each additional page been 28cents


thanks! I am making this book in a pinch for our cousin but I was looking for cool disney backgrounds that I can use in the picaboo program. I have found a few on line but I think Wishy or one of the Jen’s if not both… have some digital layouts? do you guys know what I am talking about? I may not be asking the question right…

Has anyone used picaboo?

thanks much! Please keep the ideas coming.