Dine with an Imagineer


Does anyone have any info on this program or experiences to share? We were considering this on an upcoming trip. Can you request a specific Imagineer?


It was AMAZING! I’d strongly recommend it! It was nearly 2 hours long and when we made the reservations they could not tell us who the imagineer was going to be, I believe it’s always unknown. It was GREAT though.


Wish did this on her last trip. She wrote about it extensively in her TR. I’m sure when she sees this she’ll be able to help you. :happy:


Ok, she saw it. :laugh:


can you do this at any restaurant? also how many people can be in the party?


There were a total of 8 guests, and one imagineer. It is only held in the Bamboo Room at the Brown Derby in MGM as of right now. You get a 3-course meal, awesome little Mickey (CM-like) name tag with your name pre-engraved on them, and a “dine with an imagineer” glass collectible plate that the imagineer signs.


Oh that sounds great Wish! OOOhhh…questions!!! Did you do the dinner or the lunch? What did you talk about? How far in advance did you book it?

I want to do this with my oldest son when we go down for his band trip, but I can;t make the reservation until I know what his schedule from the school is. I hope I have enough time for the day I want!:pinch:


that sounds like a great time. are they able to tell you any inside information, or do they just talk about the parks and stuff?


I booked the lunch just because it fit conveniently with our day. We talked about EVERYTHING. My imagineer was Pam Rawlins, a design administrator, who worked on the AK opening and now works a lot in EPCOT. She was GREAT. We did ask her A LOT of “rumor” type questions, about the supposed Midway Mania ride in MGM, the DVC rumors, etc. She gave us ALOT of “upcoming information” and since that was her VERY LAST time doing one of these dining experiences I think she spilled more than usual. haha. She FLAT OUT told me DVC was getting AKL but nobody seems to believe me, haha, i SWARE she did. A member of another Disney forum was present and confirmed that’s EXACTLY what she said to me. She told us about the “Kim Possible” adventure being tested in EPCOT, she talked about how the WDW buses are going to automated audio tracks, and possible additions of LCD screens on the buses, she talked about “possible development” between the Canadian Pavillion and UK pavilion in EPCOT. We talked about A LOT, and she was there for a whole TWO HOURS, which totally surprised me! I would DEFINATELY do it again. Oh, and I beleive you are able to book the experience 90 days in advance but i would REALLY call Disney Dining and ask them what the booking window is b/c I had SO much going on then I honestly don’t remember exactly when I booked it.


how much was it per person?


It was pretty expensive, but well worth it. I believe it was $60-something for adults. I know our bill came to about $130 I believe.


if they are there for 2 hours, plus a 3 course meal, that is definitely worth it. thanks for the info, i am going to look into doing it when we go in december…


This sounds so awsome. Would’nt it be great if we could ever plan a dinner like this with fellow mousebuzzer’s. I will certainly plan on doing this on a futire trip. VERY COOL!!


Thanks so much Wish! It sounds fantastic…just what I was looking for. I will call and see when I can book it. I also just found out this afternoon what day the band will there…so this has worked out well!