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I would like to know what you all think of (I think it is called) Garden grill at Epcot. We are trying to figure out where we might want to eat when we go in April. I have never been there so I need your input. I also am thinking of LeCellier but just in case we cannot get ressies there what do you all suggest. Also we are going to Hollywood Studios and I think we will just try a good counter service instead of a sit down resturant. I need to ask for the best sit down meal(just in case we decide that route) and the best counter service. Thanks!!!


Epcot favorite sitdown is def Le Cellier! But we also love the counter service there too- we eat in every country while going around world showcase. As for Hollywood- we love primetime for a sitdown and are not really fond of any of the counter service meals there- we would rather just go over to Epcot to eat-


Was not impressed with Garden Grill at all. We felt for the price, out children would not enjoy the food. We love to eat at the different countries in World Showcase. You will get mixed reviews regarding the individual countries. We have eaten at Rose & Crown (adults liked it, kids… not so much), San Angel Inn (both adults & kids liked this one), the Cantina in Mexico is good for CS as well as America.


We ate at Garden Grill for the first time over Christmas and enjoyed it. The food isn’t 5 star but it was good for what it was and the characters were awesome, they spent a lot of time at our table. You can read about it in my Christmas trip report if you are interested.


We enjoyed Garden Grill too-but Le Cellier takes some beating its really really good.


Le Cellier is by far my favorite sit down in Epcot (so far anyway). We are trying Garden Grill for the first time in November. I’ve read mixed reviews but everyone says the character interaction is great. In DHS we don’t LOVE any of the 3 we have tried (Hollywood & Vine-dinner, Sci-Fi-lunch, 50’s PrimeTime-dinner). PrimeTime is our least favorite but we had a bad waiter and that really tainted the whole experience.


While Le Cellier is definitely one the perennial favorites around here, we really enjoy Garden Grill. It is not as fancy a meal as you would get at some of the other restaurants, but we have always enjoyed it, the kids have always liked it, and the character interaction is one of the best, if not best, on property. :slight_smile:


We like Garden Grill too. It is just so casual. You should
definitely enjoy.


I love the Garden Grill… good food, and they will give me kids’ food, too (though I’m technically an “adult” and paying the adult price). It’s a lot of fun, and I enjoy the constant change of view. I’d recommend it… I think the price is decent.


If you cant get Le cellier … I would try teppen edo it was really good if you like japenese food

Garden grill is also good although I have been since my third anniversary …


For counter service at Hollywood Studios, we liked ABC Commissary. The Cuban sandwich is really good. For sit-down we like 50’s PT and Mama Melrose (we had a bad server here, but food was great!).

Garden Grill is just OK for us. Much prefer: Le Cellier, Biergarten or Teppan Edo. For counter service at Epcot, Sunshine Seasons in the Land is REALLY good!!


I like Sunshine Seasons as a counter service at Epcot too. Like the previous poster said it is in the Land and near Soarin’. We FP Soarin’ ate lunch and then rode. The food is really fresh and tastey.


We really liked the Sunshine Seasons too. Very good Soba Noodles. Ds loved them and he is so picky.


They gave my ds kid food too, even though he is considered an “adult.” I also think the price is decent.


We had breakfast there this past Dec. I believe, and we were very pleased with the selections.


LOVE the Sunshine Grill. Classiest food court in WDW.

Haven’t eaten at the Garden Grill in a long time, but it was good - not amazing - but good. I’m sure getting an GG ADR would be easier than getting into LeCellier.


Well, my dad mentioned that he wanted to eat at the place that serves the food that they grow there in Epcot. That is why I asked about Garden Grill. Am I correct that Garden Grill serves that food? Correct me if I am wrong. My first choice is defenitly LaCellier,but what should my second choice be. I was thinking maybe morrocco. Any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!!


Yes, some of the food they serve is grown in their greenhouse. We talked to our server about that last month and he said some of it is but they can’t come close to growing enough to supply the restaurant.





[QUOTE=tiggerlover1971;783372]If you cant get Le cellier … I would try teppen edo it was really good if you like japenese food

Garden grill is also good although I have been since my third anniversary …[/QUOTE]

oh good- i was searching to see someone say something like this…

We tried so hard for LeCelier and I got an 11:50 but i REALLY wanted a steak DINNER not a lunch-

I just booked Teppen Edo for a nice 8pm Dinner…

I was hoping someone would say the steak was good!

Thanks Tig!