Dining and MNSSHP


I know this is E-A-R-L-Y to be asking (official party dates aren’t out yet), but I have to make my ADRs the day I return from another vacation in April (I’ll get home at 130 am and have to call at 4am CA time :eek:). So, this means I need a plan before I leave next month. I need some help from those of you that have been, please :mickey:

Going from last years days, and the tenative MNSSHP dates at Touring Plans, there will be a party on my DD’s 5th birthday. I originally thought when we did the party we’d dine at LTT, but I’d really like to have her birthday dinner at 1900 Park Fare. Right now I plan on touring the MK in the am and early afternoon (early breakfast at CP?), leaving the park for a swim/nap break, then heading over for an early dinner at the GF and on to MNSSHP.

Currently at Allears the times listed for the dinner is 430p -830p. I hope to grab an ADR about 430-5p, and I think it will take us 90 minutes or so to eat and get to the park. Is this time realistic? Am I nuts for thinking of not dining in the park this night because it will be a hassle to arrive between 6 and 7? The day of the week is a Thursday if that makes a difference, in early October. Has anyone here dined at a monorail resort before one of the hard ticket events? If so, would you do it again?

I would appreciate any insight!
Thanks :happy:


well, i don’t think you’re nuts for thinking of not dining the park on the night of MNSSHP. you can dine at 1900 easily if you want. we went to MNSSHP last year and ate at LTT. there was a wait but not too long. it is crazy to go in just as the party is starting and everyone is leaving. you know what i mean? it’s crazy. good luck on what you decide what to do.


Thanks tragic! :flowers: I was most concerned with arriving when everyone else does and getting caught up in a mob scene, lol. I didn’t even think about all the people leaving the MK at that time :eek:


No. People trickle in all evening. Around 6-7, you’ll encounter more guests exiting the park than arriving, I think, as they push day park goers out.


I think 1900 is a great idea!!


Thanks bali :mickey: It’s good to know people trickle in all evening.


I am looking forward to it! It appeals more to me for her birthday than CRT does now, otherwise we’d do CRT for breakfast and LTT for dinner that day.


When is your DD’s 5th birthday? We just celebrate my DD’s 5th birthday on Oct. 16 at WDW and there was an MNSSHP that night. We actually did a late lunch at the Castle for her birthday meal and we were disappointed. We celebrated at every restaurant we went to that week. So based on that, I HIGHLY recommend 1900 Park Fare for her birthday. They gave my DD a birthday crown, a placemat, a cupcake, and LOTS of special attention. Out of all the restuarants we went to that week they made the biggest deal over it. Really wish we had gone there for her actual birthday. The MNSSHP is AWESOME! Have a great time!


Willbegone, her birthday is on the 12th :wub: Thanks for the remarks about CRT and 1900 Park Fare! I had been looking forward to CRT, but I don’t like what little I have read so far about the changes there :glare:. I have only read good things about 1900PF.