Dining booked up and it is not even free dining!


We are going Sept 14-21 and I have been trying to fill in a few spots on our itineraries and I am just shocked, everything is filled up dining wise during that time. And this isn’t even a free dining period.

Maybe it is because we have a party of 7, but so many places we have had easy times booking in the past (Narcoosee’s, Yak and Yeti, Tusker House) are completely booked up.

Is there another event going on at this time, or do they cut back wait staff during this time?

Just surprised I guess.


I bet it is your party… I had no trouble getting 4 for stuff this summer, a week out. When I went to 5- it was a problem… Keep trying- or call them… it might help.


Try booking 2 ADRs for the same time - a party of 4 and a party of 3. I had to do this. Then asked to be seated together. We were all seated at the same table everytime.


cjt, I think it is a combination of the late date and the size of your party – logistically, 7 is tough for any restaurant.
I bet you can book early the day of, since a lot of people cancel because of changing park plans.


Thanks guys! I have tried the split parties too, not much luck. I have a couple of reservations now I wanted after trying repeatedly for a while.

We did the same party the first week of December last year and didn’t have any problems. I just had to wonder if they had made any changes I wasn’t privy too.

I am sure we will be fine, just shocked at the difficulty for such a slow time of year.


I’m pretty sure that’s during the "up to 30% off) promo. Just jeep trying. I had to make reservations for 7 during the free dining and was fine, but I also did it at 6am EXACTLY 6 months in advance. The only place I had a problem was Trex Cafe. I’m pretty sure that was because this is its first year on the dining plan. Good luck!


:blush:Whooops we arrive 15 September until 30 September from UK with free dinning :blush::laugh::blush:


Have you tried the restaurants at the resorts? The Wave at the Contemporary is very tantalizing and there are restaurants at Wilderness Lodge. The restaurants at the resorts are so much easier to get into.


Keep trying. I was persistent and called everyday and actually got into Le Cellier for 4 people in November, awesome! I highly recommend JIKO… it is at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We just go after the park closes and then we lose no time at the parks! Also, Downtown Disney is easier, too and T-Rex is awesome. It depends on how flexible you are about time.


September 14 was the original free dining slots, so I am not even remotely surprised that it’s full. I just had a late booking that wanted me to get CRT for 9/16 and I choked…there is nothing available. I wasn’t able to get any character meals at all except for 1900 park fare for breakfast which is really easy to get for some reason…:laugh:


Sometimes I think that people are sort of intimidated by the Grand Floridian, thinking it’s too “fancy” and they won’t feel comfortable having their kids racing around.


Valid point. We did that breakfast while on vacation because I had a last minute addition to my group and had to change from Crystal Palace. It was a cute breakfast that had Alice, The Mad Hatter, Tigger, Pooh And Mary Poppins. The character interaction was fantastic!


Which begs the question: “Just who said there was no free dining during this period anyway?”


I never think about the European offers, but it is crazy how booked up things are.


Keep at it, you’ll get your bookings. I wonder how easy/chaotic it might be to attempt a walk up with a party of 7?