Dining choices in 2 weeks


Ok- Here is what I have planned- for 6 people (my parents, and my DH and our 2 kids)…

Friday- get to WDW… maybe eat at DTD?
Sat: Crystal Palace for breakfast, Castle for dinner (mom and dad’s 40th wedding anniversary!!!)
Sun: Tusker House for breakfast, Ohana for dinner
Mon:Kona (breakfast), Teppan Edo for dinner
Tues: Sci-Fi for lunch, 50’s prime time for dinner
Wed: Ohana for breakfast, The Plaza for lunch
Thurs: Tony’s town square for dinner
Fri:Chefs de France for lunch, Tutto Italia for dinner
Sat:- Go home- boo- hoo…

Should I change anything? I think that we are going to be so full that we will explode. Let the diet begin…

Let me also say that we have eaten in almost every restaurant inside the parks (except for Norway and Germany- I will not eat there- I am too picky)…

I got the lecture way after the fact that I should have booked Le Cellier… Doesn’t my husband know that you have to be Johnny on the spot with that reservation??? So far, i like that times that I am eating, and the kids will enjoy the trip- no- matter where they are!

Advice pleASE!!!


Oh- we are on the regular dining plan, but we are eating enough for 2 weeks worth of food…Let the diet start now!!!


Chefs de France is yummy for lunch! I had the onion soup and veggie lasagna YUM!! :wub:


This reminds me, I need to make some sort of plans for dinner on the 16th and breakfast and lunch on the 17th because I added a day.

By the way, we’re doing Tokyo Dining at 7 PM on Monday the 15th, what time will you be at Teppan Edo?


Your choices sound delicious!! My last 2 trips we’ve had the dining plan and we were stuffed all the time!! Went to bed full and got up the next morning full! But, we only had one table service meal and one counter service meal daily…so, wow, I doubt my gang could hold all the great meals you have chosen.

I would love to hear how you do with your choices after you have returned home.

Have a wonderful time…can’t wait for our trip in August!!!


Soundgod- I did not mean to make myself unclear… I will be home on the 13th- otherwise- I would look for you! Sorry about that- I am swamped with things to do until I leave- like really swamped!!!


Hanwill, I made an assumption you were arriving on the 12th.
I thought I read that somewhere, but I see you haven’t mentioned any dates.


I am the 5th- 13th… The kids are so excited, and so are the grandparents! I would be, but I have too much to think about right now! It will come!!!


You should upgrade to deluxe dining plan. You are almost there already.


Yeah, I was going to say, that is alot of TS meals…you paying out of pocket for the rest? Love your choices, all my favorites. Never been to the Plaza…had good reviews around here lately, though, will have to check it out.

The CRT will be nice for your parent’s Anniversary, the royal treatment.


Have you made any of your reservations? I have had trouble with a couple of those the past couple of weeks. We are 14-20.


Roll me out of the park now please ha ha ha.

You will have a great trip!!! They choice are good ones!