Dining Dilemma


Okay so not really a dilemma but I need some advice. I am checking in on 10/13/10 and staying through 10/17/10. Our check-in day we will arrive late. We are on the DDP so because we are staying 4 nights we have 4 CS, 4 snacks and 4 TS meals per person per day.

This is my layout:

10/14/10 Tusker House; character breakfast
10/15/10 Via Napoli; dinner
10/16/10 Cape May Cafe; clam bake
10/17/10 we check out and head toward home

My “dilemma” , I need to plan another TS in there. I just don’t know which one or where. Any advice???


How early do you check out? Any chance you could squeeze in a character breakfast before you leave? We used to do Chef Mickey’s on our last morning because it felt like a nice farewell.


Yes, I would add a breakfast the last day. We have also done Chef Mickey’s before checkout, or you could do Boma on the 14th for dinner - I am assuming you are at the Animal Kingdom that day. The park closes at 6 or so usually - we usually then take the bus to AKL and eat at Boma, then do the night vision goggles. Makes for a long day, but it is nice. You can eat relatively early at Boma if you want, I think their first seating is at 5:30, so you can leave the park early if you want and check out AKL before dinner.


Since you are doing breakfast on the 14th, why don’t you schedule a dinner for that day. What park did you plan to tour that evening? Maybe go to the Poly for O’hana or Kona (it is sooooo good!!!), take the monorail and then end the evening at MK for fireworks and parade?:mickey:

PS - have you been to the clam bake? We have been a few times and I really like it a lot! Plus, mny family has a shore house near Cape May, NJ so we always loved that resturant :laugh:


P.S. Yes, if you add another dinner to your plans, I enthusiastically second Alicefanny’s recommendation of Kona Cafe! Uhmayzing. :wub:


This is what we voted on…

On the 14th we will be going to the MNSSHP. Yes we have ate at the Cape May Cafe before but we decided to bump that and use two TS credits and do Hoop Dee Doo for our last night. We have never done this. So all the places I have listed will be new for us this trip. Thanks for the tips everyone :slight_smile:


That sounds like an excellent solution! :biggrin: HDD is one of my favorite things in all the World. I know some people find it cheesy, but I think it is an absolute blast and the food is yummy!