Dining Discounts Comparison


Hey, check out this link that I just found:



wow! That DDE rocks.


We had it one year and it easily paid for itself.


I wonder what the difference in savings is between that and the dining plan…I don’t mean appetizers and all that. Just on stuff you would normally order. I have a thought that DDE might be a better deal if you think about it…maybe.


The DDE discounts pretty much negate the tax and tip. But the 20% includes alcohol, for those of you who like to tip one back at dinner.


The DDE discounts work much better for us. I am not a 3 meals a day type person and don’t normally do desserts, but do have a 2 or 3 glasses with the dinner meal of the day. (We sometimes have our big meal for lunch while at Disney)


how much is the dde compared to the ddp?


I signed up for DDE in August before our Labor Day trip and if my calculations are correct, I saved about $30 in dining, half of the cost (Passholder cost is $60 per year) Since we have 2 more trips planned, it should have more than paid for itself by the time we are done


I believe Disney Dining Experience is only available for AP holders, DVC members, and Florida residents. The only drawback is DDE is blacked out over major holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year’s.


interesting. i will have to look into it.

thanks for the information…