Dining in HS?


It’s hard to believe we leave in 5 days. I have a question regarding dining at HS. I’ve read some pretty horrible reviews here and on allears about the food choices at HS. We are planning to spend much of the day here - should we leave the park for food? If so, what/where is the most convenient?



How about making an ADR at 50’s Prime Time for lunch? The CS at HS are pretty…blah.


I have to go with Bella, Prime Time or Sci Fi Diner, and I dont think the food is that brilliant in either of them just the atmosphere.
Sadly HS is fairly lacking in good places to eat!


I’d eat CS for this day – Not worth the sit down prices IMHO.


Would you take the time to go out of the park, say a resort restaurant or even CS at a resort instead? Cast is DD5 and me.



we always do pizza planet (kids like it, its a lot of food and not bad) and abc commissary (the fish is great as is the cuban).


I think %0’s Prime Time is fine,also Mama Melrose and Hollywood and Vine. But you’re also just a launch(or walk) from the Boardwalk and Yacht/Beach Club, and there are ample table service options there. Counter Service is not really available, and not especially good at HS, but these,I think, are good options otherwise.(And worth it).


I agree. If you’re looking for a good meal, venture over to the Epcot resort area and Boardwalk. Oodles to choose from over there. And don’t forget the Swan and Dolphin have some nice restaurants too.
You can easily do the walk if the weather is nice. But the boat ride is lovely.


We just got back from HS (October) and thought that the Sci-Fi theme-ing was great, but the food was just ok (I would put 50s Prime Time in the same category). We also ate at the Brown Derby for dinner and loved it. Counter service is all just so-so or pfthhh…I would go over to Epcot if you want counter service (fish and chips - yum!).

Have fun!!


Take the boat over to the boardwalk and try rhe Cape May Cafe. We always enjoy it.


I loved the Sci-Fi the one time I ate there - it’s worth trying at least once IMO if only for the fun atmosphere. :happy:


I vote for 50’s Prime Time just for the atmosphere! And while you are there, see if our waitress Kristy’s picture is still on the refrigerator.


My two favorite places to eat are 50’s Prime Time and Mama Melrose. Either one I think you would enjoy.


We went to Mama melrose on our last trip. It was not great but it was good - especially since we did the Fantasmic package. We were on the DDP and were able to get an app, entree and dessert so it was a great deal.


We loved Sci-fi, but food wasn’t spectacular (for what you pay). Do lunch on your own and plan for dessert (icecream shake with light-up cubes) and a movie at the drive-in…just for the fun of it.