Dining line-up


I have been keeping myself busy by planning our Oct. Adr’s instead of planning our beach vacation that we were supposed to leave for tonight :closedeye I managed to break my foot in January and thought I would be fine by now, but it decided not to heal- I will blame it on my former doctor - that makes me feel better :laugh: So now I am setting with my foot and leg in a cast until the end of April!
So please give me your opinions on my restaurant choices for a group of 7 including a bouncy 3 yr old!

Cinderella’s Royal Table
Garden Grill
50’s Prime Time
Crystal Palace
Whispering Canyon

Olivia’s in my only real concern, as my DGD will have been traveling all day and may be " wound-up"! I don’t want to ruin the other patron’s dinner with a fussy child. So, we may have to play that by ear. I’m not going to make an
ADR as you have assured me that we can get in with a short wait. :blush:

Thanks for all of your help!!


On your list, we’ve only done Garden Grill, 50s Primetime and Crystal Palace. We love all three and have visited multiple times. Garden Grill and Crystal Palace should be a blast for DGD, and 50s will be a blast for all the adults!

Have fun! I love planning out our ADRs!


Ginger I love your dining plans, but I am so sorry to hear about your foot and it being so slow to heal :frowning: anyway, you will surely make up for it in October x


Looks great! Garden Grill has the best character interaction on property (IMHO) they take more time to interact and play with the entire table! You usually get to see them all at least twice also. My kids have always loved it there but they changed the kids options to healthy options and my kids won’t touch the food now.


I think your choices are terrific and don’t worry about Olivia’s. It’s a really laid-back family place. Tons of kids everywhere. Most of the people who eat at Olivia’s are the people who are staying there. If she’s really wound up, mom or dad can take her out on the boardwalk to run off some steam while you wait for the food.


How did you break your foot?

When traveling with my DGDs, I always carry a few crayons and some cards or paper. Even print up a few disney pictures. Just something to tuck in my pocket, just in case.

And while I think of it, last year at the kidcots spots, they had PERMANENT markers for the kids to use. Again, when the 14 month old wanted to get in there with the big kids, I had crayons for her. Not sure if the markers are still the same type this year.


Thanks for all of the positive feedback :slight_smile:
Jo-Jo, I slipped on the ice LOL!


[QUOTE=FairyGranmama;1071814]Thanks for all of the positive feedback :slight_smile:
Jo-Jo, I slipped on the ice LOL![/QUOTE]

Ouch !!!:frown:


We ate at Whispering Canyon last August, and my son loved it. Our waitress was hilarious! The food was good too.


They look yummy. I love Crystal Palace and Whispering Canyon is real good and lots of fun.