Dining Lineup for Sept. Trip


We booked our dining, but have a couple of questions on some of the times. Our Askerhus and Tusker House ressies are at the end of the window for breakfast, and we are wondering if they will be switching out right at the end there. My husband loves the TuskerHouse breakfast and would be really disappointed if he didn’t get his biscuits and gravy there. Our time is 10:20 and the last breakfast ressie listed is 10:30. We have a similar issue with our Askerhus ressie. I know the kids would not like having dinner there. Any thoughts?

Here is our lineup:

Day 1: Dinner at Crystal Palace in MK @ 5:45
Day 2: Dinner at Teppan Edo in Epcot @ 5:00
Day 3: Dinner at Sci-fi Dinner Theater in HS @ 4:20 (our first visit to this one.)
Day 4: Breakfast at Tusker House in AK @ 10:20
Day 5: My parents and kids Breakfast at Askerhus in EP @ 11:00.
Chris and I dinner at San Angel Inn in EP @ 5:00.
Day 6: Dinner at Hollywood & Vine in HS (Fantasmic Pkg.) - not booked yet.
Day 7: Dinner at Tony’s Town Square in MK @ 5:00 (our first visit to this one)


Love your choices!


Two years ago we had a Tusker reservation at end of breakfast time and they had breakfast foods and characters for the length of our meal. Can’t guarantee it, but that’s how it was for us.

Did you book online? I called today and made a September reservation for Fantasmic at Hollywood & Vine because it did not show on online system.


If I understand your question right, you are worried that they will switch to the lunch menu while you want breakfast?? They both have a 45 min- 1 hour gap until lunch starts, so it shouldn’t be a problem. At least that it is what it shows on the dining reservation website!:laugh:


good choices - should be a great (dining portion) trip!!


Only thing I would wonder about is getting b’fast at 11:00 since that’s usually lunch time everywhere else. Tusker House souldn’t be a problem, and the rest looks yummy!