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Hi all, Now we have looked into the dining package and definately wish to utilise this when we next come to WDW. However, our tour op does not book it as they said they have had too many issues. :sad:
So do you think that once we arrive we can add the package or is this something that infact we need to phone ahead for and book well in advance?
How do you get the free option also? I hvae read this many times but wonder how one gets the package for free?

Thanks xxx


The free dining package is a special promotion. It is only good for stays in a Disney Resort booked as a Magic Your Way Package (room & tickets) from 8/13/06 through 9/30/06. The packages must be reserved by 6/4/06.

Again, it is only a special promotion Disney is offering as normally the cost is $37.99 for adults and $10.99 for kids 3-9 (I think) per night of the MYW stay.

As far as whether you can add paid dining later, I don’t know the answer to your question about that.


I would phone ahead and book it.

Also, I guess I would want to know what kind of “issues” your tour op has encountered. As users of the plan, we had no issues. It was seamless.


I would send mickey a pm and ask him. He would definately know for sure…he’s super WDW travel agent. Can’t hurt to ask. :heart:


You need to have it booked ahead of time, since it is attached to a Magic Your Way Package. However, if you already have tickets or an annual pass, no worries. You just have to buy a 1 day base MYW ticket to attach to your room ressie to be eligible for Free Dining. You can use that ticket at a later date.

But I don’t understand why your Tour Op is saying they can’t add it to your ressie…doesn’t make any sense. :dry:


Hi Ariel, Have you been getting Info from Virgin by any chance? We had the same problems earlier this year. Try first choice they are very good with the dining plan and we found that they have a wider choice of room options than Virgin and if you upgrade to the premium cabin, it is just the same as virgin but a little cheaper. If this doesn’t work book with the UK disney site and add a flydrive.

For the rest of you guys information, here in the UK our tour op’s are not very helpful where it comes to booking any thing other than the basic package. Even when we were booking our 3 week christmas trip Mickey could olny book 10 days on 1 ressie. And we like to come and visit for longer!


Thats why we haven’t used a travel agent for years! We do all our airline reservations, and AP’s via the internet and Mickey does all the ressies for the WDW resort and we come for a month or three weeks every year and have the ressies running back to back and have never had a problem, the only problems we ever encountered were when we used to go via a travel agent-never again. Ariel try doing it yourself direct its so much easier


This one’s easy. Dump your operator.

Your op sounds too ‘Grumpy’ to me. You have a long list of previous visits. You could be the ‘Doc’ of visiting WDW if you weren’t ‘Bashful’. You can make your own WDW lodging arrangements for when you’re ‘Sleepy’. Even ‘Dopey’ folks manage to buy plane tickets online. Try it yourself. Post lots of questions questions here. We’ll never say, “that was a ‘Sneezy’ question!” I’ll bet your family will be ‘Happy’ with the results and when you send your pictures to be made you can sing, “Some day my prints will come”

PS: Bad agent advice can be a real poison apple.


I found the problem!


Disney 4 all - brilliant! really enjoyed reading that :slight_smile:


You got it Missy! I must admit that we had thought of trying elsewhere but we get quite a good discount from Virgin and like to fly into Orlando Int…I believe all charter operators fly into Sanford don’t they? I did check with First choice though and they did come up a wee bit more for us but thanks for the tip…it certainly pays to shop about and so any advice is very welcomed. I think we will give resort a call direct ( and Mickey too…thanks Dixie) and see what they say aswell.

Thanks all xxx


Ariel I dont like Sanford we only flew in once and it was …never again- Orlando International is far better. Give it a go, we reckon our holiday is now 50% cheaper than when we went via a Travel Agent over 17 years ago- and we stay for a month as you know and only on Disney property, even our annual travel insurance I shop around for-any help you might need give me a nudge xx


thanks Dixie…you’re a pal. I know what you mean about Sanford. We did it th eonce in and out of there and found it was a nightmare. MCO is def the way forward!
Ill certainly pm if I can think of anything.

Thanks again sweetie xxx