Dining package?


I booked our vacation is for easter week, and I haven’t booked the meal plan. Do you think we should? Are most of the resturants in this plan? Or do you have to search for then.
Another thing- when we are hungry we are HUNGRY, are there huge lines for the sit down meals and how long does it taketo get served?


Not sure about the dinning plan,but if you could have a later lunch(like around 2:00) you might miss the heavy lunch crowd.But, foe that you may have to have a late breakfast.Try the same for dinner.


I think the dining package is a great deal if you 1) have a family of really big, non-picky eaters 2)you are already planning on having at least one big, sit down meal a day and 3) you are planning on doing some character dining while at WDW(at least 2 or 3). We used the dining plan last year, spending about $500 for the entire trip. We saved our receipts and when we got home and added everything up, we ate about $1200 worth of food!! We found it to be a great savings, but we are also a family of big eaters who enjoy a premium experience at a restaurant. As far as the lines go, just make ADR’s for the places you want to go 6 months in advance and you may have to wait a bit, but it shouldn’t be for very long. I do think if your family find that a good size counter service meal, plus a snack, plus a big sit down meal per day too much, it won’t be worth it for you. You just need to keep in mind that whatever is left over, can’t be refunded, so you are just out of luck if you don’t use all your credits. Have a great trip!!


Whether you have the dining plan or not- during the busy weeks- make sure you get ADRs!!! On the x-mas week adventure we took all the restaurants in the parks were completely full with no seatings except those already PS’d (back then they were PS not ADR).


I love the plan… there are a lot of selections to choose from and you dont have to worry about paying for the meals… we do it everytime we go!


On our last trip, the DP cost our family $100/day. Most of our dinners cost more than that (dinner at LeCellier was $140!!!), and the DP includes tax and tip.

Essentially, you get a CS meal and a snack for free every day (Most CS meals ran $50-$60 for our family).

So, yes, I recommend the DP!


This might help here is the 2006
Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2006 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

and 2007
Magic Your Way Dining Plan - 2007 Walt Disney World Vacation Packages

(just scroll down some)

These are lists of places involved in the DDP

You can also find menus on Deb’s Unofficial Walt Disney World Vacation Information Guide - WDW Planning Guide - Walt Disney World under Dining, start with dinner and add up the price of what you would have for an appetizer, main course, and dessert, then compare it what you are paying for the DDP

I’m sure you will see that it is so worth it


If you’re going Easter week it’s gonna be CROWDED! If you don’t have ADRs, you’ll be eating Counter Service all week! So you have to ask yourself, do you plan on eating a Table Service meal every day? If so, THE DINING PLAN IS A GREAT DEAL!!! I’m trying it for the first time in December. I can’t wait to see how much money we save!


Ok. I just checked a dinner meal at 50’s Prime Time - Ceasar Salad, Golden Fried Chicken, drink, Brownie Sundae - $28.47 plus tax and tip for one person.

Lunch at Tusker House - 1/2 Rotisserie Chicken entree, drink, Chocolate Cake - $13.87 plus tax.

Plus a snack.

$42.34 plus snack, tax, tip. Sounds good to me.


I would definitely choose the Dining Plan. Since all of your meals will be prepaid, you won’t have to worry about budgeting for your meals. The only complaint I have about the Dining Plan is that they will charge a TS credit for a meal at Beaches and Cream. Back in the day when they had the meal vouchers, it was considered counter service. Now, we will have to pay OOP when we go there. Other than that, we can’t wait to use the DP for the first time in December.


DEfinately go with the dining plan and definately, definately without hesitation make your ADRs as soon as your 180th before you trip arrives.


Just think if you ate in a place like Le Cellier…it could be $40 per person (or more!) PLUS tax and tip!!!


thanks everyone I think you made my mind up for me.!!!


I’m assuming you are getting it, then?


don’t forget to make those adr’s soon…


I wanted to share one of the best values my family had for a 1 credit dinning plan dinner last January

Cap n’ Jacks restaurant

App: Shrimp Cocktail $10.99

Meal: Twin Lobster Tails $31.99

Dessert: Double Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream $5.79

Drink: Pop, I believe it was $2.00 (we’ll go with that)

Total with tax and tip= $$60.05 for each adult eating this

We had this meal on the last night of our trip. Found the DDP was so worth it!


Were they big lobsters? What came with them?


From what I remember each one of them was a little larger then you would expect to get at a Red Lobster. It also came with rice, but we substituted mashed potatos. Well worth it!


myvacation, I just returned from a WDW vacation (my best yet!) and I can readily echo others’ advice RE: making your ADRs as soon as you are eligible to do so. Our trip was during a relatively slow period and we were unable to dine at a couple of the places we wanted to try because they were completely booked.

Since you mentioned that your group can EAT, it will definitely be to your advantage to book the dining plan. I saved my receipts but I haven’t had a chance to calculate the totals yet; however, I can make an educated guess and tell you that, on average, each of us enjoyed $75 worth of meals/food each day so the cost of the meal plan makes sense.


We just got back from 7 days at the Contemporary on the free-dining-plan package. I’m still trying to process my thoughts about the plan but I can say this:

IF you use all of your meal tickets, you will almost certainly get a food that (in total) costs more than you’ll pay for the plan. So, in that sense, the plan is definitely worth it.

Unless you’re planning on some of the “signature” dining experiences (which cost two table service credits), you’ll be looking at a table service for each night you’re there. It would probably be best to make reservations for those.

Note, I think I read somewhere that Disney was instituting a policy whereby table service credits could be used at counter service restaurants and they give you some sort of residual credit to make up the difference. (I’m not sure if I’m remembering that correctly or if it’s true at all).