Dining Plan 2007 updated/expanded


I see on “All Ears” the DP has been updated and many EPCOT and DD restaurants are back ‘in’.


Ill have to check that out because I called and they had no updates for me on the counter service at Epcot


Thanks, Boss. I saw this a couple of days ago on AllEars. YAY!


i just called and verified. the epcot places that were out are now back in…WOO HOO


That’s great news. I love the dining plan!


yeah!!! Epcot fun is back!!! WooHOOOOOOO!!!


i love epcot food…


i love eating and drinking my way around the world!


This is such great news! I am so glad to see all the additions!


the only bummer is, Allears also says Japan restaurant will be closed from Jan to May!


is that the restraunt or the counter service?


I love seing Woohoo go woohoo. Sorry, but that struck me as funny.




i’d rather drink my way around the world…but eating is fun too…


Thank GOODNESS it will be open in December! It’s the first time I’m trying Teppanyaki!


Teppanyaki - closing for a major rehab


I wonder what they will be changing there? :confused:


YAY! So glad most these restaurants are back in. Now I’m hoping for free dining again thru September next year! crosses fingers


Great! :mickey: Thanks for the info!


from what is was told by a CM, they are updating the inside to accomodate more people. how much of that is true, i do not know, but i have not heard anything else on it so i couldn’t say for sure…