Dining Plan 2011


Does anyone know when they finalize the resturants that will be on the dining plan? For 2011 the only DTD area food service is FoodQuest! I know Earl of Sandwich and such are independently owned but are usually on the list but not as of yet.


Personally, I think that they should make EVERY resturant on Disney property participate as a condition of their lease, and being part of the Disney reservation system. You shouldn’t be able to BENEFIT from the reservation system and not particiate in the DDP.

If you aren’t careful you can find yourself spending money for a meal you thought was covered, and possibly end up with unused DDP credits.


I agree you do have to pay special attention when selecting a resturant if you have the plan. Disney should make it part of the lease agreement. Also it does not seem fair to the people 180 days out who have to make reservations in August for the following year with out a finalized list!!!


UGH! Annoying isn’t it? I hate that they wait so long for some of the restaurants. They always end up participating, but make us wait forever to find that out. I am also going in August and am just starting to think about what and where I am going to eat for my tables…


It sure would make life a little easier when your trying to figure out the what, where and when!! I’m at the thought I’ll make the ADR’s, and if something doesn’t show up on the DDP well then I’ll cancell and pick something else!!


I would expect that it being Dec 21, they have finalized the list, although non Disney restaurants could change their minds to opt in or out at their discretion.


Those are the ones I’m wondering about, as of now DTD still only has FoodQuest listed as being on the plan.


DisBoards is showing that Planet Hollywood, Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe (downstairs), Capn’Jack’s, and Raglan Road are participating for sit down and Cooke’s of Dublin, FoodQuest, and Wolfgang Puck Express are participating quick serve.

Disney Dining Plan Restaurants 2011 - wdwinfo.com

This has to be more up to date information, if only because Earl of Sandwich is not listed.
Perhaps a call to Disney Travel might help?


Checked the Disney website again today and they have a more complete list up for DTD on the Dining plan now!!! Now I can start planning my dining!!! YAY


I told you so.
I think they wait until January 1 to announce the final line ups.
And even then, it is still subject to change according to the small print.