Dining Plan & ADR


I’m starting to feel…!!!..
Everywhere we read we hear people saying don’t do deluxe dining plan (we did) and make sure you make ADR for all your meals (we didn’t) We made a few ADR’s afor a couple nights for dinner and we made them on our daughters B-day. Since it is our first time there we want to feel relaxed, not rushed to make it to B/L/D reservations.
Anyone ever do this, or will we soon find out that planning is everything?


We try to make ADR’s for all restaurants that tend to be our favorites. We usually only do 1 ADR per day to avoid being tied down to a minute by minute schedule. OF course there are always exceptions. As long as you have ADR’s for your “must do” restaurants, you should be fine. You can always cancel them if you change your mind. Keep in mind also that a lot of people make ADR’s they don’t keep, making walk ups a little more possible.

I can’t comment on the Deluxe dining plan… since we have never used it.


My advice is to book ADRs asap! I am going in Sept and one of the places i wanted to go(Lecelliar) was already booked!!! Now that my dates have changed back a week another place(Liberty Tree) only had lunch!
Get em now before you can’t at all!!!


We have never been to wdw so we have no restaurants that we have to eat at. Being from Maine I crave seafood, and I saw there are some places that do seafood, but alas my Kentucky husband says seafood? not so much, and daughter who apparantly took her dads tastebuds says the same.
Here is our adr…any suggestions, any eww don’t go there? lol
1st day nothing
2nd day-Mickeys backyard BBQ dinner
3rd day- Chip n Dales harvest Feast dinner
4th day (B-Day) Donalds Safari Breakfast and Chef Mickeys for dinner
5th day 50’s prime time cafe dinner
6th day nothing


With the DDP alot of the ADRs get taken up fast. Getting a spur of the moment ADR is getting harder to get and a walkup ADR for very popular places is just about impossible. With that said, two years ago we were able to get walk up ADRs for Liberty Tree Tavern and Tony’s Town Square. At Tony’s we were the very last seating of the night though…so be prepared you may not be eating your meals and the usual time.

My suggestion is to make all your ADR, there’s nothing wrong with cancelling them if you find you can’t make them but at least you’ll have some covered.


I agree that ADR’s are a must if you really want to eat at the popular restaurants. It can be difficult to get a table at busy times of the year.


There are MANY links on here that you can look at for resturants. Also check out allears.net for menus! This way you can go over it with your family and decide that way everyone is happy! ( Is that even possible???) Try this link too…
Disney World and Orlando Menus


If YOU crave seafood, Fultons Crab House it should be!

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You’re going at a really busy time, I think. I would not go without at least a dinner ADR for EVERY night.
We usually go when not much is going on and don’t need to be so serious about ADRs, but for you I would highly recommend them.
You can always cancel most of the ADRs on the morning of without penalty. I think that there’s a 48 hour cancellation period for CRT and if you don’t show up alltogether, it will cost you, but otherwise I would say, make them and see how it goes.


I didn’t realize that it was a busy time when we were going because it is so hot that time of year


Very, very busy!


Depending on what age your kid/kids are I would make ADRs for sure. Walk up times will more than likely be REALLY late times. I would definetly make ADRs there is nothing like having a hungry child and not being able to find ANYWHERE to eat. We have seen this happen to alot of families and it is not a pretty picture. Have a great time!


I’ll add to what others have said- since you are doing the deluxe plan, you might find yourself with unused TS credits if you don’t make some more ADRs. I agree that you want to relax on your vacation, but when it comes to eating at WDW, you need to plan first and relax later (once you are sitting at the table :mickey: )


Make the ADRs! Make the ADRs! I have done free dining for the past three years and the first year was the only time it seemed like you would be able to eat at a reasonable time without an ADR. By the second year, I would see signs when we entered the parks that there were no more seatings at table service restaurants in the park (I saw this most often at MK). And by last year, we had to wait even with ADRs. At Mama Melrose’s we waited about 20 minutes past our ADR time, which is something they tell you can be the case but I had never had it happen before.

Anyway, the bottom line is that free dining = lots of hungry folks = lots of waits. So make as many ADRs as you can and then adjust once you are there.


Hey,damren,I’m a local. In years past,if I decided to,say,go to WDW tomorrow and call up for a reservation at a certain restaurant,I would get time I wanted. Not so now,especially in the summer. Since you are on the deluxe dining plan,you have the potential to have 3 table service restaurants a day. If you come to the end of your trip and find that you have lots of credits left over,I will be happy to take them off your hands!!


If you don’t want to make more ADR’s then change from the deluxe plan to the Dining Plan. That way the ADR’s you have are awesome and you will not be stressing that you may waste TS credits b/c you can’t get into a restaurant.

Another idea, If you want to keep the deluxe plan try to walk in at off times. i.e. go to Play n Dine (at HS) for lunch at 11:30 or 2:00 before the busy times. You will have a better chance of walking in.



Some restaurants you won’t walk up for dinner are:

Liberty Tree (we’ve seen people turned away the last three years)
LeCellier (I’ve seen people both yelling and crying)
CRT (of course)
Not sure about Prime Time, but I would make ADR (very popular and MGM has few sit-downs)
Most of the “signatures” like Cal Grill, but maybe not Citricos (not as well known, not sure about Narcoose’s)
Coral Reef
Probably many others

Walk-in bets are many of the buffets, especially Biergarten and Norway


We have never been with the dining plan either, but we made adr’s for some Breakfasts and Dinners, but no lunches so we will have plenty of time in between. We also got the deluxe so we will see if it is worth it or not and next time in 2010 we will know better.


I’m guessing that walkups for lunch would be much easier. The restaurants aren’t as crowded (CRT excepted).


There is nothing wrong with the deluxe plan. Many people who post here are of the opinion that the regular plan is too much food, but not all by any means, especially since the appetizer has been deleted from the regular dining plan.
I could never understand anyway as the regular plan only includes 2 meals per day, one table and one counter and I know all people eat at least twice a day.
On the deluxe plan, you can combine 2 table credits every day if you wish so you can try all or at least most, of the signature places and also have a character breakfast each morning. I would however, suggest that you try to schedule three sit downs for a couple of the days so you can try places like Yak and Yeti, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, both Japanese restaurants, Tutto Italia, etc.
Another thing to keep in mind is that your total cost per day for food is $69 and you can break that out so that breakfast around $20, lunch $25, and dinner $35 as your break even points per meal.
But you should keep planning the rest of your dining in advance and try to have reservations for each sit down meal, especially during the free dining period in September.
I don’t know how old your daughter is, but if she can wait until after park closings, it’s usually easier to get reservations between 9 and 10 for dinner in most places outside of the parks. Also, we sometimes try to get the last seatings for breakfast buffets, or again at least after 10 AM. If you are able to be flexible with your times, you should have no trouble getting a reservation, except le Cellier, Chef Mickey’s, and California Grill.

I don’t walk up anywhere in WDW, even if I change my mind that morning. I always call for a reservation because I don’t care for random chance on getting a table.