Dining Plan and Gratuity


We haven’t been to WDW since 2007 and at that time the gratuity was included in the Dining Plan. Now I’ve read that this is no longer the case. I am wondering if anyone could advise me on how much to budget for gratuities. We’ve been saving for two years for our trip and I want to make sure we have planned adequately. Also, how do you figure out what the total cost of your bill is when you are on the plan in order to tip a certain percentage? Is there a guide for how much to leave at each restaurant for each person? I’d love to know what others have done recently. Thanks!


The receipt shows how much the total would have been if you had not been on the dining plan and I tip twenty percent of the bill after taxes. We are a family of four with a baby and it usually ends up being around $20-$25 for the tip. I make envelopes for each meal and put $25 in them with the restaurant label on it, and then if it is less than that is bonus money. And the tip is included at CRT but that takes two meals.


What we do is check out the menus on allears.net and on the main Disney site (not all of allears’ menus are accurate) and figure out from there what are some of the options we might choose to order and then figure out what the cost of the meal would be if we went with the most expensive of our selections. From there we figure out what a 20% tip would be on that meal and set it aside in cash. We do this for every sit down restaurant on our list.

Also when we get our bill at the restaurant we write “CASH” in the tip line of the receipt that way they know we’re paying cash and won’t charge the tip to our room.


Thanks so much! I really like the envelope idea because I do the same with our Mousekeeping tips.


18% is minimum and already figured and applied to your bill when you get it from the waiter. 20% is the other option on the bill.


This past trip it was cheaper for me in tips than prev trips because it was only my 8 yo and i so i planned 8-10 per table srvice which came out to a little over %20. CRT tip was included but imo the waiter shoud have rec %10 he was so bad.