Dining Plan and Savings


I finally got most of my receipt together:

9/16/2006 Tony’s $168.51
9/17/2006 Earl of Sandwich $36.00
LeCellier $220.17
9/18/2006 Hollywood & Vine $119.47
9/19/2006 Earl of Sandwich $9.00
Cheesecake Factory $47.95
Electric Umbrella $52.98
9/20/2006 Restaurantosaurus $70.93
9/20/2006 Flaming Tree $49.52
9/21/2006 Cinderella’s Royal Table $192.67
Columbia Harbour House $47.48
9/22/2006 Coral Reef $226.47
9/23/2006 1900 Park Fare $94.57
Earl of Sandwich 50.00
Total $1,385.72

With the FREE dining plan we made our like bandits, I know I am missing some counters and all the snacks, but just in what I have… WOW… If we paid for the dinning plan it would have cost us approx. $1038.00. I guess we done good.


that is great savings. i wonder if they are going to do the free dinign plan again next year.


I hope they will. It would be so nice


I am hoping they do it again too. I might be able to take Miss SMIGGER again…


too bad they do not offer it to the DVC people…that is something i would like to be able to participate in also…


The do offer the dining to DVC members. I am able to get it this time and am renting points. llama just got back from WDW and got the dining and she is also a DVC member. You should look into it.

Dac -
AWESOME savings! Thanks for posting that.


i know about the dining plan, i was referring to the free dining plan that everyone else seems to get. sorry if i wasn’t clear…



If you don’t mind me asking, how many people were in your party? Ages?

We haven’t decided whether or not to add the dining plan on to our reservations. I’m not sure if it will be worth it since it excludes some places we want to go and we wouldn’t normally all order appetizers and desserts anyway. I’ve yet to sit down and do any hard math to see which would be more cost-effective. Mostly because I’ve run enough numbers between airline tickets and hotel reservations and park tickets and partly because I get too hungry looking at all the menues and pricing out meals for the family.


Thanks for posting this, dac. I think a few of our counter service receipts didn’t have any prices on them, but the way we figured it, it’s pretty had to lose money on this plan.

My only question is the extent to which having the plan encouraged us to eat more than we otherwise would’ve. For example, I don’t think we’ve ever done table service every day of our trips in the past.

So, if one could get by with something like a bagel for breakfast, and counter services for lunch and dinner, it might not be as good a deal.

That being said, we’re planning on purchasing it for the trip we’re planning next Fall.


I think that is one thing to consider when looking at savings. We also woudln’t have ordered appetizers and desserts for everyone each table service meal either. However, the fact that everything is budgeted in advance, you don’t have to worry about what you order or whether you kids eat all their food or not, and the fact that you can order anything on the menu and not feel like you are breaking the bank is fantastic.

We typically end up getting about double the value of food as what the plan costs us, and of course, we order and eat way more than we would if we weren’t on the plan, but in the end, if we had tried to be frugal, our cost probably would have been the same had we been on the plan, and no where near as fun.


makes you wonder how disney make money on the plan. you know they have to, or else it wouldn’t be offered…


Four.13, 16, and two 40-somethings.


We have a Magic Gathering group heading to WDW in December and we did purchase the Dining Plan for everyone (all adults). I started to question our decision after reading some negative posts. However, the more I read and the more comments (both positive and negative), I am confident I made the right choice.

Can anyone verify that you can order ANYTHING off the menu in the restaurants? Or, are their special menus or select items you can choose from in certain restaurants.


You could get anything on the menu.Except for a few things like the That’s Amore Cooler from Tony’s, etc.


Thanks. I’m assuming that means most, if not all, were adult portions.

I guess it’s spreadsheet time. I swear, I’ve never needed more spreadsheets in all my life. :laugh:


THat’s exactly how we feel about the dining plan. We almost never order appetizers or dessert, the servings are too big to waste money on things we can’t eat. With the dining plan we ate like pigs and didn’t think about what anything cost. When I looked at the cost of the plan I looked at the menus and put together some numbers of what I thought we would eat and it was almost dead even so we went with the plan and got more food for the same amount of money.

My favorite part was having all our food paid for before our trip started, it was just a good feeling.


You order off the same menu but there are a few limits. For example, we couldn’t add a side of shrimp at Concourse Steakhouse w/o paying out of pocket. My DS was allowed to get glow cubes at a couple of restaurants but we were told we would have to pay out of pocket but we didn’t get charged for them even after reminding our server.


Our next trip will be with the dining plan and the biggest pro for me is, like it was said before, our food is budgeted already.

I just looked up what some of my reciepts from our 2005 trip and dinner at Ohanna alone was $345.00 plus gratutity. About 75% of our spending $$ went to food.


what makes the meal plan great is that the taxes and tip are included…that right there makes it worth the money


Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t understand.