Dining Plan California Grill


Has anyone used their Disney Dining Plan for dinner
at “The California Grill”?
Can it be used?
Are there any limatations?
With prices being as high as they are, buying the plan
would be well worth it for just for that meal.



yes it can be used. the only limititation is no alcohol (as far as i remember)


We went to the California Grill in July and used 2 dining credits because it was a signature meal. Was it worth it, YES! The food, the service, the view were all incredible; it was by far the best meal of the week. :mickey: Make sure you have a reservation during the fireworks over the MK as the view from the observation deck is incredible. They only had one sushi item that was not included as part of the dining plan, but everything else including their specials was included.


Take a look at the menu over at AllEarsNet.com. You might do well to have one person eat on the plan, and one person pay out of pocket and to share appetizer and desert with the dining plan person. It might work out better this way, and you can eat at another table service restaurant with the credits you’ve saved.


clever clever soundgod…


I’m already considering this for meals next month. If DW isn’t going to eat everything, why waste the extra meals. Of course we’ve got DDE membership, so there’s still 20% off her meal too.


what is DDE?


Disney Dining Experience. It’s offered to annual passholders and Florida residents. It gives a 20% off the entire check, alcohol included, excluding tax and tip at most of the Disney table service restaurants.


that’s not a bad deal at all…


Yes, it’s worth it. The four of us (all adults on the plan) ran up a ticket well north of $300.

As I remember, the only limitation was the sushi items, we could order any sushi appetizer that wasn’t over $20. I had the sashimi trio (primo!).

What a great restaurant!


I quess I cannot add to the overwhelming ‘PRO’ comments. this was one of the best meals we had at WDW in June. We had dinner timed with the fireworks. What a view!


This really is an AWESOME idea!