Dining plan cliffnotes


For those of you that have been on the dining plan in the past, when you check in does Disney give you a little guide as to how it works, etc?


I think they do give you a little booklet that lets you know what restaurants are included and how many credits they use. I have it saved online as a PDF file, and for some reason can’t link it here. Sorry! :crying:


Here is the url for the official Disney Dining Plan guide brochure:



Thanks for asking that nokey! I was wondering for myself too.


ZACTLY what I was trying to post! (it just wouldn’t let me copy the web address and I was too lazy to go back and type it!! LOL…:laugh: )


The last time we traveled they gave us a dining plan flyer at check in. It included the names of all the restaurants involved and their point amount. It also gives a little description of what they are and how to use them.


We did get something at check in too. Just know that as of recent, you have a lot more ‘snack’ options than may have been previously printed.


Now you can even have TURKEY LEGS! (at least in 2007 you can) Not like I LIKE the things anyway…yuck. :blow:


Turkey legs as a snack? Can the dining plan get any better?


Of course, you want to make some ADR’s before you go. So study for it now. (I just keep that kind of stuff for scrapbooking our vacations.)


Glad to help:cool: .


Oh turkey legs … Dh is going to be so excited ! He makes it a point to get one every trip.


I was surprised that we didn’t get any dining plan info when we checked in at SSR in May. It was fine because I spend enough time on here that I knew what I needed to know but I would feel sorry for families that didn’t really know about it before going. I guess the CM just forgot to give us the papers telling us about it.


I’ll be staying at SSR in December…so if they don’t give it to me, I’ll be sure to ask them for it! :happy:


That’s good - because even though I’ve read all the info on it, I’m still nervous about using it. I’m sure to mess it up somehow.:laugh: Many things confuse me…:wacko:


I have to agree with your “nervousness” llama! I spend a lot of time on these boards and I feel like I understand it, but then again, who knows!

I have the PDF file that you guys posted, I made this binder of all of the stuff that we will need. (I think I have way too much time on my hands!), But it is rather big to carry around, I would end up folding it (the flyer from the Disney site), and it would be trashed, I just was wondering if they give you a mini-handbook or something. I was actually just looking at the mouse for less site and they have mini handbooks that have the dining plan info that you can print out, they are pocket sized. They are easy to carry with you. Anyone who is interested can hop on over to there for a look!

Thanks for all of the help! I hope this new info helps you guys out too!


We received a handbook from our resort with the dining plan locations and a bit of info on what each place served. It was the size of a park map brochure. You should be able to get one in your resort. At check in they didn’t have one for us so we asked guest services and they gave us one.


That is exactly what I was looking to find out! Thanks for the perfect answer!


Here is a site I am working on to answer your questions. Not quite finished, but it should help.

Disney Dining


With all of questions you can get answered on this website, you’ll be fine! you’ll see, you won’t mess anything up. You can also check out allearsnet.com . She seems to have a very good listing of what each place has on the menu, so you can plan you ADR’s. Sorry but I don’t know how to post the website so you can just click on it!!