Dining Plan Confusion


Hi. I have heard a few different things as far as what is included in the CS section on the dining plan. Could I use a CS for breakfast food? Anyone know- do you get a side - ie hamburger and french fries or just the hamburger? What are “desserts” considered at CS meals??


All of the CS or table service “points” can be used for any meal of the day (or night) you wish to use them for.

At most CS places you get a “combo” which would include a side and drink. The desserts are limited to what’s offered at the specific CS location. Some places have more choices than others…but like at Peco Bill’s the peanut butter brownie is the only option.


Most places I found only had one dessert choice. We used our CS for breakfast once, and it is not as clean as the lunch/dinner. Most CS places that serve breakfast you would get something like French Toast, bacon and orange juice. They really don’t have dessert items available for breakfast, but ask, they may through in something else.

We used our CS for lunch mostly, and our sit down for dinner, and just skipped breakfast or grabbed something quick.


When we went (in Oct) I think the meal plan had just started and some of the CM’s weren’t really up on what was what. For instance, one day we were told at breakfast that DS’s cereal did not include the milk and we had to pay extra and the next day we just got a box of cereal because he likes it dry anyway and he wanted juice to drink and the CM was like, “go get your milk - it comes with the cereal”! :blink: Another CM told us at breakfast we could get a peice of fruit or danish or something as “desert” - every day breakfast was a different experience so I still don’t know what the “real” rules are! :laugh:


We used our CS mostly for breakfast at the hotel. At All Star Movies there was a wide selection of choices. I mostly got the breakfast platter (eggs, roll, potatoes, 2 slices of bacon and 1 sausage). Also comes with 1 drink (large or small juice, milk, etc…).

The lunches we did with CS were at Cosmic Rays: Double cheeseburger, fries, drink and desert is what I got, same at Pecos Bill. Also got the brat with drink and desert at Somerfest in Germany and at Pizza Planet got Pizza, salad, drink and desert. There was a choice of 2 or 3 deserts at each place. Cosmic Rays had a large number of entrees to choose from, Pecos Bill had a few to choose from, Pizza Planet had 3 different pizza’s, Germany had 3 different entrees and DW ate lunch at the Mexico CS and they had 3 or 4 entrees to choose from. If I had been paying attention I would have gotten the Fish & Chips in England. Oh well. Next time.


Thanks for asking this question. I am using the dining plan for my trip in October and need to do my homework. :heart:


When I ordered my CS meals, if I wanted something that didn’t specifically come with my menu choice, like some french fries to go with a salad, they would just add it on. It was never a problem. I was impressed. :mickey:


I felt like we got more for our money at lunch or dinner vs. using it for a breakfast. Breakfast at our resort one morning didn’t seem like much compared to a double cheeseburger, french fries, drink and dessert somewhere else. :mickey:


IMO…DONT USE THE CS FOR BREAKFAST!!!>. you get jipped BIG TIME!!! :glare:

All you get is your main entree. Like if you get cereal, you get the milk to go with it plus something to drink… that’s it!!! NO DESERT or SIDES ALLOWED!!! :dry: :angry:
BUT if you use your CS for lunch OR Dinner you get a combo meal or main course, side, drink AND a dessert! :happy:

And I really dont understand this concept, if they allow it for Lunch or Dinner, why not breakfast too??? How can you be full on what they offer?
You leave starving! And some might think, oh I will just pay the extra $$ for what else I want but in my mind, this totally disputes the reason for being on the meal plan… SO YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING OUT OF YOUR POCKET!

sorry for yelling but this really ticked me off on my recent trip! :glare:


Thanks, Val. It never seemed to be worth it in my mind for breakfast, either! Lunch/dinner, definitely!!!


We have found this the hard way too! Breakfast is the biggest rip on the dining plan!
Apart from that we love it! The best C/S we have found is the land in epcot. You get to pick any entree and desert. The cm’s there really know there stuff and tell you to go to the bakery counter at the end and pick ANY desert. The strawberry shortcake is to die for! One meal is way too much for one person so alot of the time we have shared 2 meals between 4 of us, with desert it works out great. We have seen alot of people having a meal each and leaving a lot of food, that to me is a waste!


We shared our CS meals also, and then used the “extra” credits for breakfast! It worked out great. We were able to get an omlet and then a bagel or danish for dessert. The four of us were able to have a lite breakfast on one CS credit. (one of us was a 2 1/2 yo who doesn’t eat much!)

I have heard that dessert wouldn’t be included at breakfast anymore but I don’t know if this is true. Doesn’t make sense since it’s the least expensive meal, Disney should encourage, not discourage, people from using their CS at breakfast!