Dining plan CS pooling---


Hey, all.
I know that, when on the dining plan, your “points” are pooled, so just wondering: With 2 toddlers, we could most likely get but using only 3 CS points for the 4 of us whenever we eat, letting us stretch the free meals out a little longer. However, I noticed on our key to the world last year that it states 2 adults 2 children on the card. If we order 3 adult meals, will we get questioned or not be allowed to do this? Has anyone ever done this before?


I inquired about this exact scenerio to the CM in WDW Dining. She told me that because so many people abused the system last year (i.e. take your child’s table service credits and pay for the child’s meal) that the system has been changed and there is no way for you to do that any longer.


OK, there goes that plan. Thanks!!!


I’m not surprised that this happened a lot since I actually read this tip in the Unofficial Guide. I’m surprised that Disney didn’t have a safeguard in place to prevent this from the get-go. Thanks for the info, tinkerbell.