Dining plan for lots of us question


Well, in a few weeks- there are 6 of us going to WDW. That means 2 hotel rooms for us non DVCers… Because we are 2 rooms- we have two reservations, with 2 confirmation numbers. My question is this… When we use the dining plan I am thinking that the meal counts will come off of each card separately? In other words- all of our meals will not be all together on all 6 cards, or will my parents (in the other room) have to use their card for their 2 credits, and then we have to use our card for the 4 credits… when we are at the same table and the same ticket? Has anyone had experience with this? Has it been a pain or just a silly inconvenience? I am just curious if they can put it all on one grouping, or it has to be separate? Thanks!


Yes, and this is a pain in the you know what! :laugh::laugh:

We even had servers complaining (they said it was easier when everything was all included)

The meals go by each room NOT each person. SO . . . say your Mom and Dad share a room, all of their credits are on BOTH cards, so at the end of the meal ONLY your Dad will show his card. (it will be deducted from both) So that will be ONE TAB. (So they should have their own tab for bar and tip)

Same for you and the rest of your party.

When we went with my parents.

Me and my Two DDs were on one key

Mom and Dad on the other key

BUT, we had to ask for TWO bills, so I could pay my tip and my drink tab. And Dad could pay his and Mom’s. So each sit down the server would fill out two tabs, and then take my key for one and my Dad’s for the other.

Am I making any sense? :blink:


Perfect sense, yes. But, has this changed? I swear we have had to give the server EACH person’s card before??? Or is this optional? When we get the receipts, they say how many TS credits, CS credits and snack credits are left on the card…but I remember always giving each card to pay? It may be a pain to get separate checks for two parties at a sit down, but much easier than producing cards for each person…


Last few time it’s been one key per room for everything counter, snack and table . . . they kinda lump them all together per room/not per person. It works for me, cuz we all share. If you DON’T want to share with your room mates, you have to keep track of what you ate and what you didn’t.

They do make you work for the savings! :laugh::laugh:


Yes- it makes perfect sense… this was what I thought was going to happen. I am getting prepared. Mom and Dad have not ever been before with the dining plan…