Dining Plan for Passholders


We are AP and last year we couldn’t get the free dining plan. I called today and AP can get it this year BUT yu have to pay the regular rate for the room and each person must buy a 1 days basic pass. HOWEVER, the basic pass does not expire AND you can get a credit for them when you renew your AP. So I booked our vacation today with the dining plan.




that’s exactly what we did!! It’s a great deal, isn’t it!?


We did the exact same thing too!! Isn’t it awesome!!!


Whoa. :wacko: How come I didn’t know about this? You people been holdin’ out on me??? :angry:
Can you explain in detail how this works (using small words)? :blink:
Thanks :wub:



If you are an AP holder, you can still book a free-dining package.

Just book a room, and add 1 day base tickets for each person in your party. Request free dining. Don’t use your tickets.

You can either

a. Save them for a later trip (They never expire if they are never used)

b. Use the price of the ticket towards next year’s AP!


Actually, you could do this last year too. In order to book a “free dining” package (for ANYONE interested) you must book at least a 3 night package (in a Disney resort) and buy at least a one day MYW ticket for each member of your party.

So, an AP passholder has to decide if getting room discount is better than paying rack rates and getting free dining. The one day tickets don’t expire and can be put toward your AP renewal. It was a no brainer for me and I did it twice last year and will do it again in September!


This is great news :happy: - we have had a possible change in plans for September and my mom may not be coming with us now…so…we may stay on property…how long do we have for free dining? I know they extended it in the beginning of June…anyone know the new cut-off date? :heart:


The new deadline for booking is June 25!


Thanks Allyson - so my mom has exactly 2 weeks to make her decision! :excl:


This may seriously affect my fall plans!!!


Well, if you are going to be there between 9/8 - 9/14 I may have to stalk you… :ninja: :tongue:


I am an AP holder and booked a room for myself and my daughter with one day passes. Will my daughter be able to use my one day pass since I won’t need it, or is it smarter for me to save mine for a later use ( either using it or putting it toward my renewal )? Our trip starts on Sept 30th, so not only do we get the free dining, we’ll be there for the new celebration that starts on Oct 1st!!! YEA !!!


She should be able to use it - although they say they are “non transferrable”



I’ll tell my AP friends about the dining plan.


Barbara - since it’s only a one day pass she should be able to use it, even though - like Erin said - they are marked “non-transferable”. They really just don’t want one person using it one day and another person the next, etc.

What “new” celebration starts 10/1?


I did this for 2005 and when I inquired about applying credit for renewal I was told that I couldn’t apply the cost of 1 day tix to renewal but I could apply it to the purchase of new AP.


I think it depends on the CM you get. Most of them will do it, a few don’t know how to do it and just say they can’t. I know of 2 people who asked to speak to a manager regarding using the tik toward a renewal and all of sudden they could do it. Sometimes you really have to push the cm’s…:glare:


Exactly!! I had to do that when I renewed my AP with my one-day ticket going to the cost of renewal.


Very good to know!! Thanks for the info!