Dining Plan Help with Passes


We just booked out trip for March for 4 nights. We have SP’s. My Mom may be joining us. She is not a passholder and she isn’t a FL resident. So we booked the room with our Fl Passes, we may add dining. How would it work with my Mom staying with us. Will they let us buy the dining for her too? She will need to purchase tickets for 2 days. I am wondering if they will let her buy the tickets and the dining plan since she is staying in our room. Very confused…Please help.


Interesting! But I have a feeling they will only sell her the plan for the number of days she has passes.


I would call. I thought that the Dining Plan was tied to the # of nights you stay and not the number of days you are in the parks.


Well I am going to call!


I just called and they said we can add her to our dining pkg, she is going to have to stay the entire time with us. She does need to buy at least a 1 day ticket.


[QUOTE=MissDisney;1016143]Interesting! But I have a feeling they will only sell her the plan for the number of days she has passes.[/QUOTE]The Disney Dining Plan is totally unrelated to the “size” of the theme park ticket you buy.

Disney sells the DDP only as part of a package. Disney defines a package as a bundled purchase of room + theme park ticket. The theme park ticket can be any size, anything ranging from a 1-day base ticket to a 10-day ticket with all the optional add-ons.

If you are staying at your resort for 6 nights and you book a package that includes the Disney Dining Plan, you MUST pay for the Disney Dining Plan for 6 nights, but the theme park ticket you purchase as part of that package could be a 1-day ticket or a 10-day ticket or anything in-between.