Dining Plan Meal Swapping......Allowed?


My wife and I will be in WDW in 6 days…YES! For this reservation, we managed to get the dining plan added on for free. Now she and I are mainly the sort that like to get something to eat quickly and head right back out into the park again. We will use a table service option once or twice, but my question is: for the times we won’t be using a table service, can we trade out or swap one of them for a quick dining option?


When you say quick dining, I assume you mean Counter Service. If I understand you correctly, then yes.

From August 24 thru September 27, guests on either the Disney Dining Plan or Deluxe Dining Plan can redeem a Table Service entitlement at a Quick (counter) Service location. In addition to the Quick (counter) Service meal, a certificate will then be issued entitling the bearer to:

Two Snacks to be redeemed at the same time at the same location. This certificate is valid at participationg Quick Serve, merchandise or outdoor food venues


The certificate can be redeemed for a sling mesh bag. The bag will be available at the merchandise locations which are listed on the certificate (designs may vary).

Hope this is what you were looking for.


Yes, that is what I’m referring to. I always think of “quick service” for the counter service eating places.


I wonder if Disney is offering this change because of the free dining going on or is this all the time?


it seems to be only for the free dining period, to encourage some people to use CS and free up TS locations.


That is exactly what it is for. They handed out cards in your welcome package when you arrive to explain this. They have so many people on free dining and not enough spots for table service. They encourage people to do CS for breakfast and lunch and save their TS for dinner. Hopefully this will free up a lot of breakfast and lunch ADR’s. My friend was able to get her family (7 of them) into Chef Mickey’s with no ADR for lunch 2 weeks ago and was able to walk in to Cape May at 7pm and was seated right away!!


We thought about swapping the TS for CS during free dining, but it always seemed like it wasn’t the “best” deal. But after eating constantly for a week it seems like it might be the smart decision.:blow:


Yeah, it doesn’t seem like if you swap table service for a counter service that you are using the dining plan to it’s advantage. BUT I guess if you got FREE dining then it really doesn’t matter. We weren’t as lucky. We didn’t get free dining. We got offered reduced dining or a room only discount.


Free or not, I still feel it’s a waste to not treat yourself to sit down meals. Choke and puke/grab and go gets really tiresome and boring real quick. Why have a burger when you can have steak, especially when someone else is paying for it?


It’s not the best value, but the dining plan offers so much food sometimes you just aren’t hungry. We have done it before at the lats minute.


I see it that as long as I’m getting free meals, I’ll get the kind I want. I feel the bigger waste of time is in sitting down in the restaurant and taking all that time to sit, order, wait for food, eat, take care of bill, and head out again. “Eat n Go” never gets old or boring…at least not for us. Who cares about a steak…let us eat what WE like to eat, especially if someone else is paying for it?