Dining Plan Planning


I am planning our trip in November and have the dining plan for the first time. I want to eat places we haven’t tried before, especially the evening meal. What do you recommend? These are places I have been: San Angel Inn, Akershus (yuk), Biergarten, Garden Grill, Rose and Pub at Epcot. At MK I have only eaten at Liberty Tree Tavern so I think I will try Tony’s. At DS we have been to H&V, SciFi and 50’s. I really want to get my money’s worth!!:laugh:


Hi Leslie!!

How about Kona Cafe at the Poly? The food and service are always good.


I love eating at Epcot! So many choices - Le Cellier in Canada is very popular and you have to get ADRs fast. Chefs De France is very good and I personally like Marrakesh but some ppl are not so crazy about it. For our upcoming trip I have ADRs for Coral Reef which I have heard very good thing about.

I don’t really care for MK or HS restaurants - the Brown Derby is good but it is 2 tickets. At MK you could try going to the palace. I really like the resort restaurants. Flying Fish is excellent (2 tickets though) so is Yachtman’s Steakhouse (also a 2 tix), Kona cafe, Wave at Contemporary sounds really good.

We are doing the Spirit of Aloha luau at the Poly, tried to get Hoop Dee Doo but it is very popular.


Hi, Leslie!!!

On your MK night, why not go to one of the MK resort restaurants? There are SO MANY CHOICES! 'Ohana for dinner is so much fun! Kona Cafe is DELICIOUS!!!

I know you said you were going in November, so you will probably have a REALLY hard time getting it, but I’d TOTALLY try for Le Cellier…lunch or dinner. It is SO worth it if you love a good steak! Probably the best I’ve ever had! This trip, we are trying Chefs de France…I have heard good things about it and I’m looking forward to trying something new.

I don’t really eat TS meals at HS. But what about AK? Will you be going there this trip? I heard Yak and Yeti is a nice surprise. Their CS is supposed to be good, too!

If you’re looking for good CS meals, too…definitely try EARL OF SANDWICH at DTD and also WOLFGANG PUCK EXPRESS. Earl makes THE BEST sandwish I’ve ever had! YUM!!! Cantina de San Angel in Epcot has some really good Mexican. I love their Taco Salads! At AK, Flametree BBQ and Yak and Yeti get good reviews. At MK, Cosmic Rays has a great Chicken/Rib combo that can probably feed 2 people!!! You REALLY get your money’s worth there!

Good luck deciding. Isn’t it SO MUCH FUN to plan your dining???


Yes, Kim it is. I have decided we are going to try for Le Cellier. Since I am going for the Super Soap Weekend I probably will go to DS two days and may not make it to AK. My husband and son might though so I will book for them at Y&Y. I love Flame Tree and hate to miss it. Thanks for the great suggestions from all! I have really been out of the loop for a while.


Hi there Leslie! VERY nice to see you!!

What about O’hanna?