Dining Plan Q



I have a few questions regarding the Dining Plan if you are renting DVC points. I thinbk I know the answers but I wanted to check with the experts here! :whistling

I think you can buy the meal plan if you are staying at a DVC, correct?

If they then offer Free Dining, can you get that while staying at a DVC? I suspect no since it is usually tied to a package.



You can purchase the DDP while renting points. We have three times now. You can NOT get free dining if it is released but neither can DVC members. You must now pay for the DDP prior to checking in and the member you are renting from will have to handle that. We paid our DDP costs to the member via paypal and then he paid Disney for us. Hope that helps.


Thanks, that is very helpful! :mickey:


I beleive if you are paying full rack for a DVC resort (not renting points) you can add the DDP if offered.


That is true! If you are paying full rack rate or whatever the going nightly rate is for your time of stay, it’s treated like any other WDW reservation. I believe that is the only way you can get the free DDP added while staying at at DVC resort. All that being said, holy expensive that way!!!


Agreed - at that point nuthin’ is free! :tongue: