Dining Plan Question (credits)


I know this sounds weird…but we are leaving for DW in 4 days and I have a question about our dining plan. Our youngest just turned 3 so needless to say we had to buy her the dining plan this year as per the age rules.


She is teeny tiny and is a snacker not a big eater, so do we HAVE to use her dining plan credits when we attend character meals? or can she just share my meals and then I can use her credits for snacks? Will they allow that or do they automatically take the credits off for the entire party size when you pay??



Awe gee, that’s a toughy.
I am sure that if you make a reservation for a certain number of guests, that’s what they’ll charge you for, unless you tell them that you’re paying out of pocket. Of course you could say she isn’t ordering and then feed her off your plate.
I guess it’s a question of feeling comfortable with that decision or not.
I’d hate to have to pay full price for a munchkin who won’t eat much, but then again, she’s a guest and the rules are what they are.

I am sorry I cannot help. I am torn. I hope you figure it out.

Have a great trip and bring back a report and pictures :smile:


I can’t help you but I hope you have a wonderful trip.


I think if you child eats at a buffet off your plate or his/her own you’ll be charged. It’s the same amount of food no matter which plate it’s on. The rule is children 2 and under are free at buffets, children 3 and over will be charged the child price.

That said, I feel your pain. I have a very picky child and he eats almost nothing at buffets but we still pay. He gets a drink and picks on croutons or cereal but that’s it.


At your sit down they will charge for her . . . BUT, you can let her use everyone’s snack credits and then use her kid meal credits to get a meal for yourself!

At counter service and carts, they don’t ask whos is whats! :laugh:

My DDs and I do this all the time. I’ll get one kids meal and one adult meal and we will “pool” it and share. This leave one EXTRA kids meal for those late nights at the park when the 10pm munchies kick in!

Even kids get a LOT of food on the meal plan . . . and the day you arrive you get all your meals . . . so 1 snack a day x the amount of people in your party, will give you PLENTY of credits to feed her.

Check out the sticky about the snack credits . . . it’s REALLY good!

Have a magical time! (hope I made sense?) :blush:


I’ve got a slightly different take.
IF you get caught by a CM, you will be charged for your child (and you will get caught).
So, you can either pay out of pocket or use the child sit down credit. If it’s breakfast, I’d probably save the credit for a different meal. (We’re talking buffets here, right?)
Child and adult sit down credits are not interchangeable. Child and adult counter service and snacks are interchangeable.
I can’t tell you how to deal out the snacks and CS meals, that’s something you’re going to have to feel out.

I also strongly suggest you go to All Ears Net and look at the menus and prices so you have a bit of a game plan to help you maximize the benefit of the dining plan.