Dining Plan Question


Since we have never been able to use the dining plan due to getting room discounts, I have not done much research on it, so I thought I would ask the experts here at DC. I think I remember raeding that when you use the Dining Plan, they bank your dining points. Is this correct or do they seperate the kids meal points from the adult meal points. The reason that I am asking is I am wondering if DH and I wanted to go to a nice dinner, could we pay for the kids meals once at one of the restaurants so that we would be able to eat at one of the restaurants that require 2 credits for table service. I am not trying to cheat anyone, but for some reason I thought I read that it was ok.


Yes they bank your meals. It does not matter if they are adult or child’s meals.
We are doing the same thing this trip. Saving to of her meals so we can go to signature meal.


Yes, that was the case last year when we used the dining plan.


That’s what I’ve heard and read as well.


I hadn’t thought much about this, but yes, they bank the coupons on your Key To The World, against your room account. You should have no problem, if you want, using all the meals for you and your spouse and pay for the child’s meals out of pocket. Especially if you bank them and use them at signature restaurants, again, paying for a child meal, you should come out very far ahead.
In 2001, I brought my nephew to WDW and bought the Grand Plan. For various reasons, I sent the kid home early, but we had a ton of meals left. Called a friend of mine who lives in Orlando, and he was able to help us burn off a few of the left overs. Also in 2004, we were on the gold plan and I planned a few meals for my friend to join us at. Again, we skipped a meal here and there and had enough spare meals for him to join us at Le Cellier, Alfredo di Roma, and Flying Fish. By the way, the old gold plan did not penalize you two meals for signature places.


Yep! They sure do.


So, how about this…Can I use the table service for my wife & I & when my mom & sister visit for 3 days, then pay for the 2 kids out of pocket & use my DDE card to save an extra 20%???


There was RUMOR on another board that Disney might be changing the ‘banking’ soon to separate child/adult meals… so I would be careful about counting on this for future trips…