Dining Plan question


I’m seeing a lot of threads where people have lots of credits left at the end of their trip, and the same thing happened to my parents on their trip last year.

Not that I’m a total pig, but how do you typically disburse the credits thru the day?

What I mean is, if we eat bfast at the hotel and used a CS credit, the kids will be hungry at lunch time. Then we will probably have a TS meal at night. We drink TONS of water, so I figure the snacks would be used for water.

What am I not getting?

Maybe if we have a snack for breakfast, a CS lunch and TS for dinner? But I still don’t see having lots of leftover credits.


A lot of people don’t have credits left over at the end of the trip. I am guessing that my DH and I will have used up most of our credits by the end of our trip. I had to add an ADR or two but I think we’ve got all of our TS credits accounted for. I don’t have many CS places picked out but we usually eat one CS meal a day so we should be fine there. I’m worried about my DS using his credits since he normally just orders fries when we go out. I plan to pay for those out of pocket since they cost so little and he doesn’t usually get enough fries with a kids meal.


I think that having credits left over is rare.
Most people have the snack credits left over, and you’ll have that solved by picking up water.


I brought water with me anyway, so if we felt like a snack in addition to that, we had the credit available.

We did end up having snack credits at the end, so before we left, we loaded up on… more water bottles!


I plan to load up on sandwiches for Earl of Sandwich before we leave. Yummy!


Yum yum yum!! Earl! :wub:


We did our CS for breakfast…DH must have this meal.
Then we used our TS for dinner. Mostly early dinners.


The only issue we had was using all the snacks…we just loaded up on water and rice krispy treats before we left!


We had a few CS left as it was so much food that we were sharing lunch and having fruit for breakfast. We also went in December so there wasn’t the need for water like there is in the summer.