Dining plan question!


We have a cabin at FW booked for the last week in the month, and we are going to be using the dining plan. My cousin may be bringing someone but they will know for sure if he will be going on the trip until a couple of days before we leave. He owns his own business so he can make those sudden plans (or lack of plans!) So, my question is that if he decides he is going two days before we leave and we add him to the cabin, can he still get the dining plan even though you are supposed to arrange the dining plan at least 3 days before your trip? The dining plan will already be arranged for everyone else in the cabin.


I don’t know the answer, but I would suggest calling Disney Dining and asking them to be sure- 407-wdw-dine.


I have tried and I keep getting the “all circuits are busy” message. What has happened to the disney call system? Since I couldn’t get through I thought I would ask the smartest Disney people I know! :laugh:


Apparently they are experiencing more calls than usual- some blame it on the whole 90 day ADR system and people making their ADR’s for Easter Break. I think they have cut back on CM’s answering the phone. You should be able to get through at an off hour or call tomorrow morning when they open at 7am.