Dining Plan Questions


Hello “[I]Disney Know It Alls[/I]” :mickey: We are going to WDW in Oct. 2011 and renting points from my sister to stay at OKW. She has never done a dining plan so she can’t advise me… so please help!!

Does she call and set up the purchase of the plan?

Can she use my credit card to purchase?

Does she need to make my ADRs?

I know I have seen a schedule of dates for 180 days out - I can’t find it - can someone advise me where I can find it?

You can’t see me dancing :rolleyes: but i just realized I am finally planning a trip to Disney World!!! = 0 )


I can’t help with all the questions but as far as booking your ADR’s, you can do your own. Anyone is allowed to make ADR’s whether staying on site or not, so you can do your own. You will need your resort reservation number to link the ADR’s to if they ask. I think this might be the site you are looking for with regards to the ADR calculator. PS Report Writer 8.0
Good luck with the rest!


I’ll echo Nancy.
Make your reservations yourself.
Reservations and the dining plan actually have nothing at all to do with each other.
Even if you’re not staying at a Disney hotel, anyone can make dining reservations and I strongly recommend making reservations as soon as you’ve got your vacation schedule planned out because it is much better to know that you have a table waiting for you where and when you want instead of trying pot luck once you’re there.
And even if you change your mind the morning of, cancel that reservation and make something else. This way you’re not crossing your fingers and hoping when your kids are demanding to eat “now”.

As for the DVC/adding the dining plan questions, we’ll need to wait for a DVC member to chime in or you could try sending a personal message to Dopey or Skwak or even Boss Mouse. They’re all members of DVC.


Can ppl renting points purchase DDP? Seems like i read that owners could but didn’t know renters could


Your sister can add the DDP to your reservation. Only the actual owner of the points can do this. If you trust her (I assume you do) you can allow her to use your credit card to pay for it. A new rule was just put in place, you have to pay for the entire DDP at the time that you add it to your reservation. You can add it at anytime until 48 hours before your reservation (I would wait until then just so you aren’t letting Disney sit on your money). Another new rule, as a DVC member (or someone renting points) you are also able to add the DDP for just a portion of your stay. For instance if you are there for 10 nights you can have 5 nights on the DDP and 5 nights without. As the DVC owner your sister has to make all the arrangements. She just needs to call DVC member services to do so.

As said before you can make reservations at anytime up to 180 days even if you haven’t booked the DDP yet, so get crakin and get all the restaraunts you want before all of the reservations are gone.


If you go to www.disneyworld.com/dining you will be able to start making reservations online. This is just as much fun as going to WDW.


Wow! I didn’t know you could add partial DDP to DVC reservations. That’s cool.


They now break your reservation up for the portions with and without DDP and then link them together so you can stay in the same room without checking out and back in.


Thanks everyone for the great advice! Thank-you 6Baggs4Dis for the DVC info and link = ) and thanks also to NancyK for the cool calculator!!
:wub: You all are awesome :wub: