Dining plan quickie


Just a quick question maybe someone can answer. We arrive on Saturday morning, and check out on a Saturday afternoon.

Do we get a Table Service, and a counter service meal for the Saturday that we check out???

Just wondering, as we can use two table meals in one day and not run short.




Nope, you’re going to run short. You get a CS and a TS per night you stay, not per day that you are there.


An easy way to think about it is… you get a table service the night you check in and a counter and snack the day you check out. All the rest include all 3.


Whew…glad you answered that. I had no idea…I would have come up short and would have not known why. I will have to decide which table I am going to pay cash for now…lol


You can still use any leftovers on your last day - the day of your departure the DP ends at midnight. :happy:


That’s what I thought too. You can use them any way you want. They are credited when you arrive. So, if you spend one day with just 2 CS, you would have a sit-down meal for your last day (I think)