Dining plan savings


OK everyone, we just got back from our WDW trip using the dining plan. We are a family of 5, me-old, DH-older, DD 9, DS 6, DS 1-so we didn’t purchase the dining plan for the youngest(you don’t have to until they are 3 years old),he just ate off our plates. The plan cost us approximately $500 for 8 nights. Sounds pretty expensive,right? We are a group of big eaters-and we love to try new stuff,so we “did it up” on this trip. When we got home and added up all of our meal costs, without the dining plan, we would have spent approximately $1045!!
That is over 50% off!! We were so excited, I just had to share!! :tongue:


That is awesome! You made out great. Thanks for reporting… :heart:


Wow! Awsome savings.
We did the dining plan also, but didn’t save quite that much.


Oooh, I love to hear about someone making a big score like that. Good job!


That’s awesome! Since I will hopefully be renting points to stay at a DVC resort next December, I hope the dining plan will become available for me to buy. I will DEFINITELY get it, if I can!!! Seems like a great deal!!!


Good for you. Way to save money!! I’m going to eat everything in sight with my dining plan in January and try to beat your record!


Wow, impressive. More than double the cost. Come on DVC, I have $1,100 sitting here waiting for to spend on the dining plan, give me a chance!


Wow that’s great, we are going for 21 days and we have the dining plan it will be interesting to see what we save!


wooooah! Thats amazing! Gotta love Disney for setting up that dining program, thats awesome. if sigh I ever go to WDW I’ll deffo use that, great plan!!!


NICE!!! We’re there next week and we plan on eating it up! Looking over the menu’s we’ve already got a few pricey meal’s picked out. We also are doing a bunch of buffet’s so I’m guessing that our savings wont be near what yours was.


Thank you for sharing your comments on the dining plan. We just booked our trip for 12 for December '06/January '07 and after our reservationist explained the whole program we ended up getting the dining plan. Sounds like we made the right choice. We have some big eaters.

Question: Are you limited in any way what you can eat on the menu at the sit down restaurants. For example, can you pick the $50 lobster tail rather than the $8 cheeseburger?


Ask at each of the restaurants when you sit down to eat what,if anything,is off limits on the dining plan.


We just experienced the free dining plan this past September, gotta love DISNEY!!! We ate like kings and there really no limit as far as the menus go, the waiter/waitress will tell you what’s available at the beginning of your meal. Next September we are going back but this time I am purchasing the dining plan when I make my ressie (would love that great deal again though, lol). I know we will make out like bandits because my family can eat.



Hi We Are Going In Dec And Have The Dining Plan It Sounds Great And You Dont Need To Worry About The Cost Of Food In Your Spending Money, Which Means More For Me To Spend In The Disney Shops.


We did the dining plan last April, and thought it was AWESOME!!! While my wife kept the reciepts and figured we only saved about $75, there were several other bonuses. First, the Character Meals counted as a Table Service, so we were able to take our DD to five CMs in 7 nights!!! Second, we got ALOT more food, because we wouldn’t have ordered as much as was included w/ the meal plan (i.e. dessert w/ certain meals), so we never went hungry and actually had Counter Services meals and Snacks left over (even w/ our 2-yr old DD eating off our plates). Third, it was paid for ahead of time, so it was a HUGE weight off my mind. I didn’t have to worry about the cost of the meal, which made for alot less stress during our vacation. We had great luck w/ the plan, just make sure you let your wait staff know early you are on the meal plan, and they will make sure you don’t get something not included and don’t end up paying more. It was also nice that the gratutity was included in the meal plan. Our next visit will probably be at a non-Disney owned resort, but it will be a very hard decision to make with the meal plan being a large factor to weigh. :tongue: