Dining Plan vs. DVC discount


I am learning so much from this forum! We purchased the basic DDP for our upcoming trips. Then someone in another forum mentioned the discount for DVCers at some restaurants can be 30%. What are your experiences with the DDP and/or the DVC restaurant discount?


The DVC dining discount is lame 10% and very limited number of places/times.

An alternative is to buy the Disney Dining Experience card which gives you 20% at table service places. It’s $85/$90 but is $65 with AP. At table service prices it isn’t long before it pays for itself.


This is a similar question that I also had. We are purchasing DVC this year, and we are going to WDW for a week. Next year we will be going to Disneyland Paris, so we were contemplating buying APs. If we buy APs, we can’t do the MYW dining plan, right? So, does it make more sense to NOT buy APs for this year, since we will only use 8 days, and get the MYW plus dining instead of DDE card?


I think you mean the disney dining experience card…are you a DVC owner? If not, you are no entitled to a DVC discount ,but you are eligible to buy the Disney dining experience card. I don’t even know how much that card costs now ($75? ) and you are charged an 18% gratuity…other restrictions etc make this card not the best deal anymore. The disney dining plan is still a decent value but not like it was. It’s more like breaking even or coming out a little ahead and having your meals paid for in advance. Tips are not included in the plan so you must factor that in. You are also no longer entitled to appetizers and must pay out of pocket for them. I will still use the DDP because it’s just easier to have everything paid for and over with. I don’t need the appetizer…it’s to much food anyway and don’t mind giving out my tip all by myself. IT’s a toss up as to which is better…got me. I go for what is easier and the DDP is easier.


I have a trip to OKW planned for March and was looking into purchasing the dining cards. With so many plans discussed here, I’m not sure which way to go. The dining plan I read about has two levels: one for $39 per person/per day and one for approx $70/person per day. Is this the prepaid plan you are referring? Any recommendation on which plan would be better? I believe the first level had one full meal and one quick service meal per day vs the higher plan having two meals and one quick meal per day.

I have looked up so many websites, I’m starting to confuse them. I may have found this plan on the DVC member site. Help!


Thanks everyone! Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

DVC owners get a “lame” discount of 10% at a very limited number of places.

If you are staying at a Disney resort (MYW package or DVC owner) you can purchase the DDP (Disney Dining Plan). The DDP has at least a couple of options…the basic for $39/day/person or the next step up at $70/day/person.
Basic plan gets you 1 table service, 1 counter service and a snack…(going from memory here). The next step up gets you an extra table service and pershaps an appetizer? (Gratuities not included.)

The Disney Dining Experience (DDE) is a completely different meal plan, open to any guest, costing approx $85-$95/per person (AP holders pay $65), and offers you a 20% discount at table service restaurants. (Gratuities charged at 18%…included?)

Because I’m travelling with 3 other adults and 2 teen boys, the DDP is the way I’m going. We’ll have breakfast in our room, then eat at the parks and/or resorts for the rest of our meals. I have a feeling we’ll have more than enough food to keep us happy! (even w/o appetizers…)