Dining plan when renting points?


So, we are thinking about renting DVC points this year and I was wondering how the dining plan works, or if it is even available to points renters. Meaning, am I eligible for the free dining plan if I rent points and how do I go being “assigned” the dining plan? Thanks.


I have rented points a few times and I can get the dinning plan. I do not think you would be able to get the free dinning though. I believe you only get free dinning when you book a package. If i am wron someone please correct. As for the dinning plan and renting points, the answer is yes.


Yes, you can have the member add the dining plan when you rent points, however, it won’t be free. Only the member can add it to the reservation but you pay for that part at check in.


Thank you for your quick responses. That’s sort of what I thought, but I had “heard” a few different versions.


Absolutely, a friend here at work rented points just about 3 weeks ago and got the DDP.


Who ever is renting the points for you tell them that you would like to be on the DDP. You just pay for it when you check in. I have done it twice…works fine…no issues.


Everyone’s exactly right. I’ve done it before and we just paid for the plan when we checked in.


Even paying for DDP it’s WAY cheaper to rent points. For that matter, even with “free” DDP and the buy 4 get 3 free deal it works out slight cheaper to rent points.

Compared to rack rates, it’s almost always half off or better.

The DDP for DVC members and their guest is the same price - $39.99 ($10.99 3-9) per day for the standard (1 counter, 1 table, 1 snack per day.) The Deluxe is also available with 3 table and 2 snacks per day - $71.99 ($20.99 3-9) per day.

I have the DVC DDP brochures in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format that I’ve reduced from the 5 meg original size that I will email anyone who wants a copy. Email me RLC@RLCarmichael.com


Hey thanks everyone. This time we’ve decided to go a different route but I’ll keep all this in mind for the future when it’s just my wife and I going.