Dining Plan


Okay… We are going to CRT, we are going to HDD, and I would like to book a dinner that will give us the VIP seating for Fantasmic…

So my question… do I let the dinning plan pay for all of these or do I just pay for two and let the dining plan pay for one…

Has anyone done the math on this… what is the best option??? :crying:

I believe all of them require 2 set down meal tickets… the only one I’m not sure about is the VIP Fantasmic dinner…


I don’t think you can do the Fantasmic dinner on the meal plan…but I may be wrong.

edit…Nevermind – as of September you can.


CRT and HDD will use two credits but the Fantasmic! package should be just one credit unless you go to Hollywood Brown Derby. I would pay for one of the 2 credit meals and use credits for the other.


I think that has changed in the last few months.


I love DC… I can always get an answer FAST!!! Thanks DT!!! :excl:


Have any of you dined at Goofy’s kitchen? Is there much interaction with characters? a show or anything with the meal??
Another question does the ART pass stop only at hotels and Disneyland or can you go to restaurants, Target etc on it?? Thanks


I’ve heard that the sit down meals are all pooled together for kids and adults on the dining plan, so it can be to your advantage to pay for the kids at some of the meals and save their dining plan credits for the adults to use at a dinner show. Anyone try this approach?


That’s very interesting! I can’t wait to hear the response on this!!


I’ve never tried the approch, but it is true.


rumor has it that disney may be (or may have already) changed that loophole. The date rumored for the change was april 1st. But again, just a rumor.


You will be stuffed on the dining plan! It is more food than you are ready for! that may help your decision… two desserts a day… (I guess that it is vacation)… BUt worth the money for those two meals…