Dining plan?


Ok Dh and I were talking about this today and we wondered if you were given a ‘list’ of all the eateries where this plan could be used? I only ask as we figured that you probably could only use it in certain places and would hate to queue somewhere and then be told that it was not accepted in that partticular outlet. Or is every food outlet in WDW ( counter and waiter service) part of the package?

thanks for your advice


Scroll down this page Ariel–they’re all listed! :slight_smile:



Check out the link Bali posted, Ariel. Almost all the WDW restaurants are on the plan in some form or another. You should be able to eat almost anywhere you’d like on the plan.


They also do give you a Disney Dining Plan guide when you check in. It has all the information you will need in there. :mickey:


Hey bali…that’s a great link. Thanks friend :flowers:


oooopssss just realised that I started this thread in ‘Theme Parks’…sorry guys~ I think I need coffee! :happy: