Dining Plan


I know there is no guarantee that there will be free dining next year, but on the off chance that there is…

If you checked in late Sept. and got the free dining for the rest of the month…do you then have purchase the plan for the remainder of time that is outside the free dining time? Does that make sense???


I am not certain how that works. I had friends last year who went a few days before the dining started. They paid for the dining for the first few days and then had it free for the remaining time. They had two seperate reservations for that. I don’t think you will be able to get the free dining when the promo is over. You may also have to have two seperate reservations or just pay half. Maybe someone else can shed some light on this who has been in this situation.


That is a really good question, I hope someone knows the answer. I would be curious too. I didn’t even consider that scenario, even though we are looking at going sometime during Sept/Oct.


Everything is based on the day you check in, nothing else matters. If free dining is offered through September 30, and you check in on September 30 or before, you get free dining for your entire stay, or any other discount they may offer. Of course, you also get value season pricing for your entire stay as well.


That’s fantastic. Thanks Mickey!

I wonder if a lot of people won’t know about this, and attendance will dip a little during the first part of October? People may try to cram their trip into September to take advantage of the free dining instead. Hmmm. Just a thought. :huh:


That makes perfect sense mickey. I wasn’t sure on the answer of course. I just know that my friends had to have to reservations in order to get the free dining when it started a few days into their trip.


Well…I went last year Oct 3rd-13th and it was packed! We did get the free dining for our entire trip. It was great!


Ah, maybe not then. :happy: But being able to get the dining plan for your whole trip is definitely a great perk!


We are checking in on September 30th this year and have the free dining plan for the whole trip (Oct 8th). Can’t wait!!


We checked in Sept. 30th last year and had the free dining the entire 8 days.
Same with this year, we are checking in Sept 29th and the free dining runs through our entire 10 day stay.


We had friends leave on August 12. The dining started on the 13th. The only way they would have been able to get the free food, was to change their plans. Since there are only 2 of them and no kids, they didn’t do it, but it was a shame they missed it by 1 day.


That is really a shame! I would have tried my darndest to make my plans work around that schedule…heaven knows I’d much rather feed my hubby for free than pay for it! :laugh: :angel:


I think they could have made two reservations - one for Aug 12 and another for Aug 13 on.


By the time they knew about the food, they paid for everything. It would have cost more money to get the free food, as well as changing everything.