Dining Plan


I will be going Disney in May. With all the new dining plan information I am overloaded. I only go to three sit down meals during the week other than that we use counter service. My son (will be 10 when we go) and I go to Chef Mickey’s, the luau and maybe the Fantasmic dinner. We never eat 3 meals a day while there and I am trying to figure out how cost effective it would be to get tickets with the dining plan. Any ideas??


If you aren’t going to go to a sit down meal every day you are there then i am not sure the dining plan would be a good route for you. Unless the places you do go to for sit down meals are the restuarants that take two of your meals to eat there.


I agree…unless you plan on doing one sit down a day, the Dining Plan probably won’t be cost effective for you.


Where can I find the prices for the character meals.


The Luau and the Fantasmic dinner are each two credits, unless you eat at Hollywood and Vine. So, that’s a total of 5 sit down credits that you’ll use.
It isn’t 3 meals a day. It’s a snack, a counter meal and a table service meal, so that’s really only two full meals each day.
The reverse of what you say is true, unless you book a Magic Your Way vacation package with a minimum one day non-hopper ticket, you can not purchase the dining plan, period.
You don’t say how long your stay will be or if you’re buying park hopper and waterpark options. These are all factors you need to consider. In some cases, it’s better to buy an annual pass if you’re planning to return to WDW during the one year period that starts with your visit and pay for your room and meals ala carte. The annual pass gives 10% discounts at most sit down restaurants in WDW, and there are also AP room rates that offer 10% and better discounts on rooms available many times during the year.


Character breakfasts are about $20, lunches about $24, and dinners around $31 with tax and without tip.

Use this for all your meal planning:

Restaurant Dining Menus from Walt Disney World


Thanks. We will stay for a week. Most likely I’ll get the hooper tickets with the water parks and more.


Jenny, play around with the menus and see what kind of days you plan. Book your room and ticket package as soon as you wish. You can add the dining plan later if you think it works better for you than just paying your meals out of pocket.


Even if you do buy just one park ticket to get the dinning plan, you can always “upgrade” within you’re 14 days to an annual, plus only one person in the party has to have it in order to get the discounts. the dining plan is amazingly worth it if you love to eat, or don’t mind using most your days for dinning and snacking.
But even if you have some extra snacks, you can buy some 20 oz sodas or bags of chips for the ride home.
Plus mix it up some days have breakfast other days dinner, cause you don’t always want to miss the night time fun eating dinner which can take 40-60mins at a character location. And if you come in that mid may period where it’s kinda quiet I’d use just the one credit and wait in line for fantasmic, or if it’s busy, see the second show. I’m not one to wait in line longer than 30 minutes and I manage to do what I want any time of the year, it’s just all about planning.
Although I would look into Mickey’s backyard bbq, it’s becoming really popular and it’s next to hoop-de-do revue at ft wilderness. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.


I strongly disagree with using the table credits for breakfast. This is the quick route to not getting your full money’s worth on the dining plan. Either plan your dinners around 6 PM or wait until after park closings so you don’t miss fireworks.


Usually we eat breakfast at 10:30-11:00 that way we are okay till dinner.


I have to TOTALLY agree with you on this one. When I do a character breakfast while on the Dining Plan, we just pay OOP for it. We get more bang for our buck with dinner.


If you don’t eat breakfast until 10:30 or 11, unless you’ve just got to have bacon and eggs or an omelet or waffles, I’d wait the extra half hour and just do lunch. Some of the counter service meals are really good, especially Sunshine Seasons in The Land in Epcot, and also big bang for the buck if you’re on the dining plan.
This is just a suggestion. you can also use some of your snack credits for continental breakfast type items like cereals and milk, fruit, danish and coffee.


Looks like it would be to my benefit to get the passes with the dining option. Mostly because the luau is $50.00 per person and the difference in the two tickets is $265.93 per person.