Dining plan/number of meals


I have a question for those who have done the dining plan. We staying seven nights and will have a park hopper for seven days. Will the meal plan also be for seven days?


You are correct, you get one of each credit for each night of your stay.


Yes you are right! It is great! We just got back…we had the free dinning plan and we did not even use all of our credits…a lot of food!
have fun!


Yep, you’re right. Get ready for a truckload of food. My family had the dining plan when we went in August, we couldn’t use all of our credits. It’s a lot of food, but I loved every minute of it. :laugh:
At your sit down meals have everyone order their appetizer entree and dessert even if they aren’t hungry, you can all share, kind of like a buffet.


so 7 nights = 7 table service, 7 counter service and 7 snacks right?


Yes,that’s right.


Whew! That’s how I have it planned out. Thanks.


So 6 night, 7 days…that would mean technically you wouldn’t have credits for you last day ~ the one you check out?


That’s right, unless you have some left over that you didn’t use for some reason. I believe the thinking is that most people don’t have a full day on both their first and last days so it would be too many credits.



The way it worked for us, we ended up having a few extra credits, because the kids would share, or I would share with one of them…

Also, we left before dinner, so a table service for the last day wasn’t necessary.

We also had 5 snacks leftover, and I had to go to the foodcourt and look for treats that could be brought home. We STILL have a rice krispy mickey head.