Dining Q


Can anyone tell me how you can get several families traveling together so they are on the same dining rotation? I am not talking about all sitting together but just all at the same restaurant on every night.




Make multiple ADR’s in the same timeblock. Some of the more popular locations during peak meal times may not be available but there are plenty of options out there to choose from.


Persistance is key! You just have to try and pick a time where you are most likely to get multiple reservations and then just work at it. Get the first, then keep on trying over and over to add each group. You can do it, just keep at it. This will take alot of work.


What am I saying, you are a Super-Traveler, LOL. How many families are you talking about?


Call the Grand Gatherings department at WDW. They are set up to assist large groups. And last I knew there was no additional charge for their services. I think they ask that it is a party of 8 or more to assist.


Someone told me once that if you have over 16 people traveling in a group, WDW will asign a cast member to make your reservations for you so that everything is coordinated. I’m not sure if this is true, but next year we were thinking of going with a large group for a “family vacation” and I was going to call DVC to see if it was true so they could help me coordinate the trip. Good luck with your resevations, and have a great trip.


We have gone with a group of 13 several times. We did not get assigned a specific DVC cast member, but every one we spoke to was always able to accomplish what we wanted from transportation needs, to lodging, to coordinating meals, etc.



I am actually speaking of the Disney Cruise, not the parks and ADRs.



I am actually speaking of the Disney Cruise, not the parks and ADRs.[/QUOTE]

:laugh::redface:well I guess none of these suggestions will work then :laugh::laugh::laugh:


Otherwise they are good suggestions! :laugh:


I would think if you called Disney Cruise Line they would have a cast member to help coordinate your group also.


Good question! I have never had a group I wanted on the same rotation that I did not want to sit with. A call to DCL must be in order.


We are admittedly highly disfunctional! :laugh:


Make sure you all select the same dining time (early or late seating) and then call the cruise line for the rest. If they can’t get it straight before the cruise usually once you go on board they can help you out, pending space.