Dining question


We have made ADRs for Le Cellier for my trip next week. Does anyone have any suggestions one or two more “must dine” restaurants? I’ve never really done any of the “sit downs” at WDW.


If you can swing it, dinner at Victoria & Albert’s is awesome. DW and I went for our anniversary last year and will now it is a must do for us. It is very pricey, has a dress code and does not allow children. If you can get over those hurdles, all I can say is ‘wow’.


I would say do a Character meal. They are great! I would recommend 1900 Park Fare for dinner, Crystal Palace for any meal or Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. All of these were AWESOME! I LOVED Le Cellier in October, it’s my new favorite.


I will continue my broken record imitation and say “Artist Point at Wilderness Lodge”! The atmosphere is warm and relaxed, and the food is excellent!


Are you taking kids? Then a character breakfast or dinner is a must-do. I also recommend Ohana’s .


Thanks all…I should clarify…no kids, its just me, dh, and a friend of ours who we are staying with. Don’t have the hugest budget, but my friend works there, so she can get us CM discounts.


Le Cellier is a MUST do for us, and now we are adding 'Ohana dinner as a MUST, as well. It was GREAT when we went in October! I liked it so much more than the old menu.


Spoodles is my favorite!! It and LeCellier are always on our ADR list now!


Even if it’s all adults

just gotta do Chefy Mickeys!!!


We really enjoy Marrakesh in Morocco at Epcot and also Chefs de France. I love the atmospher of San Angel Inn in Mexico, but the food was only so-so when we were there in November.

The Brown Derby is pricey, but very adult.


Boma!! Esp after Animal Kingdom.

Whispering Canyon is fun.

Crystal Palace, definitely!



Thanks again…all good suggestions…what to pick, what to pick…


LeCellier is a must I would also try V&A if you can do it.


Ohana’s was the best meal I’ve ever had on property. I’d put that one at the top of any list…

But don’t think you have to have kids to enjoy a character meal… :wink: