Dining Reservation can be made right from your smartphone


During our last trip (Aug 27-Set 5), we were very successful making ADR’s right from our phone (using the mobile online website). I have a Droid, but I think it would work from any type of smartphone. It is very simple to use too! You can select date/time/party size, and it will list all of the open ADR’s available. You can also narrow your search (just like the regular online tool).

I found that almost every afternoon, I was able to get a le cellier ADR for that evening. We didn’t book it, but it was neat to see it had open ADR’s available.

At 11:00 a.m. one of the days, my DH decided he wanted to eat at Tony’s for lunch, so I did a search, and was able to book lunch for 12:15 that same day (while walking around the park).

The mobile website: Disney Dining & Reservations | Walt Disney World Resort

I’m loving this new technology!


We used the mobile site to change an ADR one day on our trip last month. You’re right! It is sooo easy! I love it!


thanks for the info.
i have smartphone, and feels like there’s no disney apps for it.


I’ve been making reservations from my not so smart phone for years now.:laugh:


[QUOTE=littlehawley;1049645]thanks for the info.
i have smartphone, and feels like there’s no disney apps for it.[/QUOTE]

WDW Lines is a fantastic app for the droid. I used it A LOT during my last trip, and it was very helpful, and extremely accurate. “Reported wait times” on the WDW Lines app is the best way to see the most accurate times. It was very much worth the $10.00/year charge.


The best thing about the new mobille online site (opposed to calling the WDW Dining #), is that you can get a visual of all the resteraunts with an open ADR all in one shot - instead of asking one by one on the phone. Such a big improvement to the whole ADR thing…I love IT!!


Me too. It’s called 407-WDW-DINE. Takes less time that logging into the site on my phone and pulling up all the pages to find what was open for a last minute in the park ressie change.


They just made it much easier now. Disney Dining Reservations Go Mobile | the disney food blog see the attached story on it. Calling is fine too…but the o line site shows you all your options.


We will do ADR’s for 2-3 special higher end ressies each trip. But, since DW and I just wing it most times when we go to WDW, we call and ask what is available in such and such area. If we don’t like the choices we ask about another area. It is a good way to try different locations and not get in a rut. We have never not been able to get a table somewhere when we call. You would be suprised how many people cancel ressies in the afternoon for that night.

Doing this keeps the trip more relaxed for us. We are not rushed to get somewhere every day. And if we want to go back to the resort and do apps and drinks vs. a full meal or we want to stay in a park all day and into the night I do not feel guilty cancelling a ressie someone else might have been trying for and had to select another because I had it. Total time on the phone…about 1 minute.


I postedthis info because I know there are lots of Verizon smartphone owners on MB that have been looking for good wdw apps. Although this is not an app, it sure runs like one. I can search and book a ressie in under a minute. This is a great service for the new generation of Techno savy planners!!


That’s so awesome! I just downloaded the Disney Lines app. for my Droid over the weekend, and I’m going to bookmark this one. Thanks so much!!!