Dining Reservation


On our upcoming vacation it will be my family of 4 for 10 days. My brother in law lives not to far from WDW and will be coming up for a few days originally it was only 3 days and now it is 5 I don’t mind at all and look forward to spending time with his family but… I have all my dining reservations booked already. I have never been to Ohana and really pleased that I got a reservation but… I was reviewing all the details from my planning and noticed that our reservation for 4 on our Ohana dinner is one of the days they will be with us. Unfortunately I need a ressie for 7 and I just called to see if I could modify to 7 guest and surprise they don’t have any because it is a very popular restaurant. :frown:
boo hoo
I don’t know what to do. I kept the ressie for 4 just in case and maybe we will still go. I will check with my DH and see what he wants to do. Anyone run into this senario before? How likely do you think it will be for me to increase my reservation?

PS If this is the only snag in my vacation we are in for an amazing vacation but if anyone is canceling an Ohana dinner 3 guests(so i can have 7) for 10/4/11 around 5pm (of 7guests anytime for dinner) I will gladly help you cancel. :biggrin:


cant help u but just my opinion if he decided to meet u after all your adrs were made and he lives close then I would think he would understand how hard these reservations are to get. maybe you could meet up after dinner for a drink or desert.


Keep calling non stop right up to the day of the ressie. And also try for a solo ressie around the same time for just the extra members of the party. If you get 2 ressies just tell the front desk what is going on and if they can seat you together at one table or close to each other all the better. You never know what magic can happen.


This!:happy: Even if you’re at separate tables, you’ll still both be there!


Don’t forget to try the online reservation system too, I hope something opens up for you, if not, seeing that it’s been such a long time that your family has been to WDW I’d keep the reservation. I’m sure the family joining you will understand.