Dining reservations - when do they open?


Hi everyone,
I can make my ADRs on Sept 13th. Can anyone tell me when they open? Is it 7AM EST? Also what time can you start making reservations online?



Its 7 am est. I think for online you can do at midnight.


They open at 8AM EST…but I THINK you can use the online reservation system as soon as the date turns to Sept 13? So midnight? Not 100% sure on that but since websites automatically run on a 24 hour clock and reset dates at Midnight…that would make sense.:blink:


7 AM Eastern, 7 days a week.
You can make reservations 24 hours a day, provided the system is up. All Disney reservations systems do go down at various times overnight for periodic maintenance.
If you feel you simply must make reservations at midnight on Sept 13 (Saturday night/Sunday morning) go ahead and try. I’d put odds at 50/50.